Criticism: Sick people “sealed off” in hospitals


He is one of our interlocutors on this topic and is called Wolfgang. The young master craftsman and sportsman has a relative. With the help of doctors in the Salzburg State Hospital, he has been fighting a very serious illness for many weeks.

“It’s inhuman how you handle it”

Wolfgang describes the emotional situation of his relative, who recently faced tough chemotherapy: “Without assistance, you have to decide alone in bed – in front of five or six doctors – what should be good for yourself. You are pumped full of medication and have no one from the family to stand by you and with whom you would discuss such things personally before you make a decision. ”Chats, telephone or digital communication technology via mobile phone or tablet could not replace such conversations between real people says the Pongauer.

“No isolated cases, great suffering”

Mercedes Zsifkovics from the Salzburg patient advocacy office says that this is not about an isolated case: “Yes, we often have such inquiries and expressions of displeasure, there is a great deal of suffering.”

As a family member of a seriously ill person, our Pongau interlocutor does not direct his criticism against doctors and nursing staff who would do a great job: “They see it every day that the heads of the hospital and the responsible politicians allow such things to happen today. It’s really inhuman how you do it today. “

What do you reply in the clinic?

Its press spokesman, Wolfgang Fürweger, represents the management of the Salzburg State Hospital and the University Clinic. He refers to the official ban on visiting hospitals: “Of course, we have to protect our staff from Corona, but also all patients who are treated by us. This is what this ban serves. However, there are of course always exceptions in justified cases. This also applies to people in difficult life situations. ”

This also includes an upcoming chemotherapy, says Fürweger. He advises those affected to speak to the respective ward: “Contact us directly! There will always be a human solution to be found. “

Patient advocacy sees a great need for reform

Salzburg’s senior patient representative Mercedes Zsifkovics misses a uniform legal regulation through federal and state politics and the consideration of the basic rights needs of sick people and relatives. The door and gate are currently open to different interpretations of the official regulations in different hospitals, said the patient representative. She refers to the corresponding ordinances from the Ministry of Health. Visits by relatives are apparently very possible at many accident stations, said the expert.

On the other hand, Zsifkovics also grants hospitals tailor-made solutions for visiting bans and visiting options – depending on the number of infections and the risk to staff and patients. Overall, however, a lot has to change – also with creative solutions so that seriously ill people, their partners, children and families can come together. This is also very important for good healing sales, said the Salzburg patient representative and lawyer. Experts see their own visiting areas and meticulous testing of all those involved as one of the possible solutions. Meetings in gardens and parks using walkers, wheelchairs and accompanying care by nursing staff are also conceivable – especially when the weather gets warmer again.

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Criticism Sick people sealed hospitals


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