Culture pilot projects in Berlin stopped due to corona numbers


        Due to rising corona numbers, pilot projects for cultural or sporting events with spectators in Berlin are being stopped.  The governing mayor Michael Müller announced this on Saturday evening after a Senate meeting.  "It is absolutely clear that the model projects that we have planned for culture, for sport, possibly for gastronomy, can no longer be implemented," said the SPD politician.  You would be deferred.        </p><div>
        <p>Previous projects such as the concert in the Berlin Philharmonic with 1,000 visitors or a theater evening in the Berliner Ensemble a week ago have been implemented very successfully, said Müller.  "I also think it's right that you keep looking at how you can make things possible with additional options for vaccination and testing. But at the moment we are in a situation where you cannot continue this seamlessly."  Because such events would result in contacts and thus new risks of infection.</p>            

After a compulsory break for months, the cultural industry in particular had high hopes for the pilot projects – far beyond Berlin. They should show that safe events are possible even in the pandemic. On Saturday evening, the internationally known Berlin club scene also invited to a sold-out pilot event. According to the organizers, around 70 visitors came who had to register online beforehand, take a quick test and wear a mask. “A spark of hope,” said the Berlin Club Commission shortly before the Senate decision, which should dampen the joy.

Museums and galleries in Berlin, including the famous Museum Island, remain open. In the future, however, visitors will have to show a negative rapid corona test.


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Culture pilot projects Berlin stopped due corona numbers


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