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Easter curfew in Brandenburg! Because the number of infections is rising rapidly, the state government is resorting to the last resort: From April 1 to 6, all residents in cities and counties with an incidence of more than 100 must stay at home at night.

The ministers had met in an “informal” video cabinet meeting on Friday from 6 p.m. Right at the beginning, great relief: The state constitutional court dismissed a lawsuit by the AfD parliamentary group against the shop closings in Brandenburg’s Corona regulation in the evening. “The interest in the protection of life and the physical integrity of the population predominates, according to the highest court.

Then head of government Dietmar Woidke (59, SPD) announced the curfew to the perplexed ministers. It applies in all cities and counties whose incidence has been over 100 for at least three days. Practical for the whole country: On Friday this was the case for 9 of the 18 districts, only four were just under 100.

In return, the state wants to relax the contact rules during the day: Over the Easter holidays (April 2nd to 5th), members of two households should be allowed to meet at home and in public spaces. At least in those cities and counties that remain below the 200 incidence. Two counties were above it on Friday.

Before and after Easter, only meetings with someone outside the household are allowed. Below the incidence of 100, all members of two households should be able to meet in the future. So far, there is an upper limit of five people. She was overturned by the courts.

The state parliament at the Alter Markt in Potsdam at night (Photo: picture alliance / Bildagentur-o)
The state parliament at the Alter Markt in Potsdam at night (Photo: picture alliance / Bildagentur-o)

Shops, pubs and culture open with quick tests and apps

Model projects to open shops, restaurants and culture are to begin in six model regions from mid-April. Under scientific supervision, with compulsory testing and tracking app. The cities of Cottbus, Potsdam and Brandenburg / Havel had applied for the model openings. “We know that there are great expectations of organizing a life with the virus,” said Cottbus’ mayor Holger Kelch (CDU)

Luca app in use

The country wants to “procure” the new “Luca” app for cell phones at short notice to track contacts. Berlin paid the app developer and musician Smudo 1.2 million euros to use it.

With the Luca app you can voluntarily save your corona tests – and the places you have visited. The new regulation stipulates: The testers (centers, pharmacists, businesses) and the business owners visited must securely store the data for 14 days – and hand them over to the health department on request. To do this, the offices must first get the necessary technology.

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Corona tests in the workplace, after-school care centers close

In the future, employers should ensure that all employees can have themselves tested at least once a week. Clinic staff will only have two mandatory tests per week (previously three), and one will be sufficient for nursing home employees (previously two). Because all residents are now vaccinated.

After the requirement to attend schools has been lifted, after-school care centers should no longer be allowed to look after children who are not in class. They should also not be entitled to emergency care.

Potsdam is already closing

The state capital Potsdam (incidence 94.8) only allows purchases with a current, negative corona test from Saturday. City hall boss Mike Schubert (SPD) on the BZ: “This is how we want to avoid shopping tourism from Berlin and the surrounding districts, where the emergency brake is already in place.”

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