Dangerous trend: “I had to choose between crystal meth and my life”



The consumption of crystal meth is increasing in Switzerland. Experts warn of the devastating effects of the small crystals. Consumers talk about their experiences with the drug.

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Crystal meth is on the rise in Switzerland. Compared to five years ago, over four times more of the glass crystals were confiscated in 2020.

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Sergej reports how he could hardly breathe after consuming crystal meth.

Sergej reports how he could hardly breathe after consuming crystal meth. “I was scared to death,” he says to 20 minutes.


“I knew I should never touch crystal meth again,” says Sharon. He was tempted in Australia.

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  • Crystal meth is becoming more and more common in Switzerland: in 2020 over four times more of the drug was confiscated than five years ago.

  • Experts warn of the enormous risks: “Crystal meth makes you many times more dependent than cocaine”.

  • 20-minute readers who have come into contact with crystal meth or are still using it report their experiences.

Crystal meth is on the advance in Switzerland: five years ago around two kilograms of the drug were seized in Switzerland, in 2020 it was almost 10 kilograms – over four times more. Bigger ones Methamphetamin-Cases pile up in the last Months. An example is the Basel gang, which At the beginning of March she was on trial for years by the kilo mit acted on the drug.

Also Sabin Bührer from the addiction center in Zurich has attracted attentionthat crystal meth is becoming more and more of an issue in Switzerland. «The big problem is that the substance very fast and very strong makes you dependent. Already after a single consumption can mental withdrawal symptoms occur”. Crystal meth is many times stronger than cocaine, for example. The feeling of euphoria and performance is much more intense with crystal meth.

Dand DThe consequences of crystal meth use can be dramatic: «Severe sleep problems, stomach problems, or personality problemschanges are only part of the side effects», says Sabin Bührer. Meth is also known as a zombie drug. It is important to get support as early as possible. The following applies: «Anyone who has lost active control of the drug needs help.»

Mexican cartels are currently building a European crystal market, says the Dutch SRF correspondent Elsbeth Gugger. The drug then reaches Germany and Switzerland via the Netherlands. One of the hotspots of the crystal meth scene: the Neuchâtel region. Consumers are mostly also dealers, conflicts in the milieu are often resolved with brute force: The canton police report shootings, life-threatening fights, even an incident with a machete – but there are seldom criminal charges out of fear, reports SRF. Tell in the following Affected of their experiences with crystal meth.

Patric, 30 – Thoughts of suicide because of crystal meth

Patric first encountered crystal meth at sex parties in the gay scene. Is has been consuming the drug intravenously for two years. «People always talk about drugs that are addicting the first time. This is actually the case with Crystal», says the 30-year-old. He is being admitted to a rehab clinic these days. «I had suicidal thoughts because the drug ate me up. Mentally and physically». He got into such financial hardship that he sold his body to finance his addiction. «I recently had such a bad trip that I injured my arm so badly that it took the doctors two weeks to patch it all back together». Now he had to choose between his life and crystal meth.

Sergej, 37 – scared to death during the crystal trip

Sergej also had bad experiences with crystal meth. He’s now gotten off the drug. With good Reason: «The last time I used crystal, I thought I was going to die!» The 37-year-old reports from a hell of a trip: «I was awake for five days and nights. At some point I could no longer breathe properly and could hardly breathe. I was scared to death!» That made him never use crystal meth again. «I’ve tried all kinds of drugs in my life. Crystal was the worst by far!»

Daniel, 33 – The family doesn’t know

Daniel has been using crystal meth for a long time: «It all started seven years ago with Thai pills that have a similar effect.» Family problems were to blame, so he started smoking weed when he was 13. He is now married and has two children: «My family doesn’t know about my drug addiction». Sometimes he smokes crystal meth every day for five weeks straight. «The depression afterwards is nasty. Sometimes I’m down for two weeks after consuming a lot». He couldn’t answer whether he wanted to stop. «After that, it usually works again».

Sharon, 23 – Sleepless nights after Crystal Trip

Sharon only used crystal meth once. «That was in Australia when I was offered the drug by a stranger. Even though I didn’t take much, I was wide awake all night. At 11 a.m. I still hadn’t closed my eyes.» It quickly became clear to him that he should never use crystal meth again in order not to slip into an addiction. «Fortunately, I did that. I haven’t used crystal since then», says the 23-year-old.

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Dangerous trend choose crystal meth life


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