David Eigenberg: Is “Steve” returning to “Sex and the City”?


The “Sex and the City” reboot is a done deal. But which actors will actually return is still the big question. Even with the men. Now David Eigenberg (56, “Chicago Fire”), known to fans of the series as Miranda Hobbes’ husband Steve Brady, has commented on a possible comeback. He told Us Weekly, “I love this show. I think it’s really interesting that they bring it back.”

David Eigenberg back on “Sex and the City”?

He also found the idea of ​​playing with Cynthia Nixon (54, “Ratched”), his on-off love in the series, quite tempting: “It’s a dream to work with her.” He would miss his series mother, Anne Meara (1929-2015), who has since passed away: “It breaks my heart, she was a great woman and a dear friend of mine.” To play his role without her would be “a sad thing,” Eigenberg said. “But we’ll see. If it works, we might go this way.”

No Samantha Jones – and no Mr. Big?

It is already certain that the new edition of the “Sex and the City” cast will have to do without Kim Cattrall (64). She won’t be returning in her role as Samantha Jones. Mr. Big, played by Chris Noth (66), has apparently also disappeared from Carrie Bradshaw’s life. The new episodes, titled “And just like that …” are primarily about the three friends Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte, who are now in their fifties.

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David Eigenberg Steve returning Sex City


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