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The German stock market was marked by slight losses on Monday.Of the DAX went 0.48 percent weaker at 14,551.17 points in the new trading week, but can contain its minus afterwards and is fighting its way to the zero line. Also the TecDAX started with losses of 0.06 percent to 3,370.59 points and then fluctuated around its closing price on Friday.

Investors should focus on the planned consultations by the federal and state governments to combat the corona pandemic. “The third wave of COVID-19 infections will most likely stop the gradual easing of the last few weeks,” said Weberbank analyst Daniel Schär, according to Reuters. Accordingly, there are increasing reports of another stricter lockdown in Germany. A draft resolution from the Chancellery for the Bund-Länder-Round this Monday indicates an extension of the previous measures until April 18. The emergency brake regulation adopted at the beginning of March should take effect here.

With Siemens Energy, a new value has also moved up in the DAX as of today, replacing Beiersdorf.

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The European stock exchanges give way in Monday trading.Of the EuroSTOXX 50 showed losses of over 0.22 percent to 3,828.66 points at the ringing of the starting bell. Also in the further course he moves on red terrain.

Investors in Europe are watching what is happening in Turkey. After Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan dismissed the head of the central bank, Naci Agbal, on Friday evening, the rate of the lira collapsed significantly. In addition, the coming week wants to impose sanctions for the first time because of the military coup in Myanmar.

From this Monday on, the shares of the Munich chip manufacturer Infineon will also be included in the EURO STOXX 50.

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Weak trading was observed on Wall Street prior to the weekend, while tech stocks performed nicely.

Of the Dow Jones entered the session on Friday marginally weaker and ultimately fell 0.71 percent lower at 32,628.10 points. Of the NASDAQ Composite showed small surcharges at the start. In the further course it was initially also shown with a red sign, but then switched to the profit zone, where it went 0.76 percent higher at 13,215.24 points from the day.

Traders were skeptical as to whether the Fed would be ultra-loose in the medium term Monetary policy could maintain. The rising bond yields in the USA are an indication of this.

Investors were also concerned about the tightening of the tone between the US and China. A renewed flare-up of the conflict between the two countries would put a heavy strain on market sentiment. “The tone suggests that the relationship between the US and China will be just as strained as under the previous US administration,” Dow Jones quoted Newswires Principal Global Investors analyst Seema Shah as saying. This could again have a negative impact on the supply chains.

Quarterly figures were meanwhile presented by Nike and FedEx.

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At the beginning of the week, no uniform trend can be identified on the stock exchanges in the Far East.

The Japanese leading index Nikkei expanded his losses from Friday at the start of the week and closed a good 2 percent weaker with 29,174.15 points.

In mainland China, the Shanghai Composite at 3,438.97 points by 1.01 percent. At the Hang Seng in Hong Kong, meanwhile, there is an increase of 0.03 percent to 28,998.32 points on the price board. (7.17 a.m. CET)

The Bank of Japan’s decision to widen its target yield range remains a drag. Investors see this as a possible entry into a Rate hike. Auto and technology stocks in particular are suffering from market concerns.

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DAX line Asian exchanges inconsistent Infineon expects sales losses millions AstraZeneca threatens export ban Focus Saudi Aramco Twitter EVOTEC message


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