Death rate in university clinics fell over the course of the pandemic


DAccording to a study, the death rate among Covid-19 patients in German university hospitals fell significantly in the course of 2020. From the point of view of the scientists, this can be evidence of improved treatments and increasing experience of the clinical teams in the pandemic, said a research group from the University of Erlangen. She examined hospital stays of around 1,300 Covid-19 patients in 14 German university hospitals from January to September 2020.

The good news: The analysis shows a decline in the average death rate from initially 20.7 percent (January to April) to 12.7 percent (May to September).

But there are also many downsides: Overall, almost a fifth of all Covid patients (18.8 percent) died in the 14 university clinics from January to September. In ventilated people, the death rate in the first section from January to April was as high as 39.8 percent. In the later period from May to September it fell slightly to around a third (33.7 percent).

The results confirm observations from the register of the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (Divi). She, too, sees lessons from the first wave and progress in avoiding serious disease courses in intensive care units.

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Death rate university clinics fell pandemic


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