Decision of the Berlin Senate: No emergency brake – but also no further easing – Berlin


Hospital management has never been so difficult because, in view of the rescue packages, we constantly have to calculate with new remuneration situations, ”said the spokeswoman for Potsdam Ernst von Bergmann Clinic, Theresa Decker. There was definitely a deficit for the past year, the year before there had been a slight plus.In addition, it comes to the spokeswoman Loss of revenue of almost one million euros per weekbecause fewer patients can be accommodated per room due to the pandemic. An additional financial expense arise by purchasing protective equipment and implementing the protection, hygiene and safety concept.

As well on Carl Thiem Clinic in Cottbus is the economic situation tense, as clinic spokeswoman Anja Kabisch said. “For 2020 this will be to a negative annual result lead. ”Due to ongoing calculations, it is not yet possible to give concrete figures. “We hired volunteers and deployed security guards to control the corona-related access restrictions to the hospital. In addition, a temporary smear site was set up, ”said Kabisch about the additional effort.

Im District Hospital Prignitz in Perleberg the establishment of isolation wards resulted in lower income. Two normal wards with 35 beds each were rededicated in 2020 been. Clinic spokeswoman Jacqueline Braun reported that one of the two isolation wards, on which significantly fewer patients are cared for, switched back to normal operations at the end of the year.

From the point of view of many clinics, the financial aid is insufficient. The federal compensation payments for the 53 clinics in Brandenburg were 39 million euros in January 2021, as LKB managing director Michael Jacob said.

“The second hospital rescue package, which has been in place since November 18, has primarily helped us with liquidity,” explained Theresa Decker from the Ernst von Bergmann Clinic. But the money is not enough to cover the cost of protective equipment and cover hygiene concept.

For fear of infection Many people also did without the treatment they actually needed, for example with psychological problems. “In the first wave there were financial compensation, but patients stayed away for the whole year due to fear and bans on visiting this area,” explained Jacqueline Braun from the district hospital in Perleberg.

To make matters worse, there is an hoher sick leave and many quarantine cases. “To this day we still have no euro wage replacement payments for quarantine even received for the first wave, ”complained spokeswoman Braun. The situation in the state capital is different: Because many employees have already been vaccinated, the sickness rate at the Potsdam clinic Ernst von Bergmann is very low, according to the hospital. (dpa)

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Decision Berlin Senate emergency brake easing Berlin


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