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March 8th, 2021 • 11:10 am
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In the end, it turned out as bad as expected for the British royalty.

Yes, man had to inevitably to the series „The Crown“ think: If what was now being broadcast on the main US evening program on CBS, would be exactly the same Online-Streaming-Plattform Netflix been brought that british royalty would have reserved the right to take legal action. A transantlantic crisis.

But in order: Harry and Meghan, whose wedding in May 2018 still banned tens of thousands in Windsor and millions in front of the screens, no longer want. Be part of that circus that is reminiscent of centuries past and into which at least the prince was born in 1984. Attempts at emancipation, 2019 escape into exile on the other side of the ocean, final termination of all royal duties in February 2020. And now: Settlement of the 36-year-old and his 39-year-old wife with the Buckingham Palace and the bloodhound called Boulevard Oprah Winfrey. The only thing that was idyllic and dreamy was the setting in a TV garden surrounded by columns, in which spring was already playing.

Only the interview location was idyllic

The 90-minute special came to a final balance – and will be two (!) Times today, by the way broadcast by the Austrian state radio at 1:50 pm and October 21st. The range of topics asked by the world’s most famous talk show host was as obvious as it was relentless. The answers that flowed freely from the refugees holding their hands like lifebuoys should all alarm bells in the Buckingham Palace let it shrill.

Queen Elizabeth II. (94) naturally let them know to go to bed early and not to see the “Sussex Circus”. Your court and your crisis advisors must have noted every word. The royal family itself was portrayed at least as mercilessly as in “The Crown”, even if Meghan even sprinkled roses for the regent (calculus?): “She was always wonderful to me”. The monarchy as a fossilized construction of the Middle Ages, in which feelings, also and especially by family members, are not bookable extra.

The actor-proven Meghan in an interview
The actor-proven Meghan in an interviewAP

For Harry it was a late, possibly final, unrolling of personal fate. The second born of Prinz Charles (72) and the one who drove to death in a Paris city tunnel Princess Diana has reasons: “My biggest concern was that history would repeat itself,” said the 36-year-old, referring to the cat-and-mouse “game” his mother had to fight all his life. Harry was in front of you when he was on 6. September 1997 as a little boy with brother William accompanied his mother’s coffin on a march through London. At the same time, he denied Charles at least some basic skills as a father: “I really feel let down because he went through something similar.” He had never been heard from him before, despite obvious cracks in this clarity. In addition, his whole body seemed to tense up.

Harry next to Diana's brother Earl Spencer and Prince Charles on September 6, 1997
Harry next to Diana’s brother Earl Spencer and Prince Charles on September 6, 1997WHAT

Racism and emotional anguish

His wife looked even deeper: there was talk of something deeply anchored Racism, which one would expect especially in their home country and to this extent not necessarily in Great Britain, which has always been multicultural. “I thought of my origins because they reminded me of it.” Son Archie as a dark-skinned prince? Shocking / unthinkable: “There have been concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he’s born.” Meghan spoke openly about Suicidal ideation (“I just didn’t want to be alive anymore. I thought it would solve the situation for everyone”), which brought her to the pressure of royalty and burst into tears. “All of this just because I breathe!” She described the hopelessness that she once felt. Harry took her hand again, mouth clenched tightly. Really strong stuff that has little to do with the kitschy petting zoo that the royals often recalled.

Those who back in the 1980s and 1990s the ominous marriage of Prince Charles, which was staged from the beginning and ended in divorce and catastrophe, with his wife Diana, who was rather (if not entirely) from the middle-class milieu, and last but not least Camilla Parker-Bowles had devoured: You now received the sequel: “This is explosive substance. That goes in the direction of the worst-case scenario for the palace, ”wrote Jonny Dymond, thoroughly serious royal correspondent for the venerable BBC – and hardly exaggerated. A heap of rubble that will no longer be easy to sweep up. We can also look forward to the reaction of Harry’s brother William, who joined the royal entourage (and stayed there!).

A very old queen and the smoldering question of how to continue her era. The long forgotten scandal about her former favorite son Andrew and his connection to the investment banker and convicted sex offender who died in 2019 Jeffrey Epstein. In addition, the question of meaning that the British people may and can ask about the royal family at any time. And now the bomb that was triggered by remote detonator by two people who had fled into exile.

The couple also revealed: The second child will be a girl
The couple also revealed: The second child will be a girlAP

Anyone who sees Harry as a good actress in view of his life story not without reason (but still and magnificently cared for even without the royal family) and in Meghan above all a good actress could reproach them: Whoever eats from golden spoons should not complain about it. As is well known, the world is suffering from completely different problems right now. In addition, some observers find it quite difficult to buy so much naivety from the American (Meghan: “I don’t know the institution of monarchy, that’s why we were told to keep quiet”). There is a reason why the royal family is called “The Company”, even if it is still not quite the Cosa Nostra.

The British forest of boulevard leaves, an undergrowth from which one should flee if possible, will bend mightily the day after. Now at the latest there is no turning back for the apostate.

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