Demand from the top health director: Those who tested negatively should be allowed to attend events from April


The number of corona cases in Switzerland is increasing. Nevertheless, the President demands the cantonal health directors, Lukas Engelberger, now the first easing in April. He advocates itthat larger events are made possible again if these are reserved for people who have tested negative or have been vaccinated. In an interview with the “SonntagsZeitung” (paid article) Engelberger explains: “I consider occasions for those who have tested negative and those who have been vaccinated to be at least worth examining and I would appreciate it if we tried out such models with pilot projects.»

The top one Swiss The health director thinks this is possible from the end of April. By then, all people at risk should be vaccinated and the Swiss-wide test campaign should bear fruit. Self-tests could also be used. Engelberger is putting pressure on the Federal Council. This has been discussing such openings for a long time, but has because of increasingr Case numbers have always refrained from it.

In general, Engelberger demands from the State government a looser corona regime and less consideration for increasing case numbers. He was despite the increase in cases “Cautious about renewed tightening”. The criteria for further measures should be relaxed and resolved from the case numbers in the opinion of the chief health director. «We should reconsider the limit values. Higher case numbers should probably not be rated as strongly. ”

Engelberger’s demands make people sit up and take notice. The Basel health director is generally regarded as a reminder in dealing with the pandemic and has always supported the cautious corona course of the Federal Council.

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Demand top health director tested negatively allowed attend events April


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