Demos in Cologne: referrals at the cathedral for corona deniers – car parade rolls on the right bank of the Rhine


Cologne –

The Cologne police forcefully brought and arrested a participant in an unannounced demonstration by deniers of the coronavirus pandemic and right-wing extremists on the Domplatte on Saturday afternoon. At around 1:00 p.m., several officers took action against the man who appeared to have refused to wear a mask at the gathering and who resisted fiercely. They pinned him to the ground and took him into custody.

“The majority of those present apparently responded to an appeal on the Internet. Since this meeting was not registered, we stopped it, “said a spokesman for the police about their actions. The police took down the personal details of all those present and issued them reprimanded.

Organized by “Cologne against the Right”, around 100 demonstrators came to the Alter Markt.

When a speaker asked the audience by megaphone to march in the direction of Ebertplatz, the police stopped this. At around 1:50 pm, the emergency services finally broke up the meeting. She asked the participants to leave the Domplatte in the direction of the main train station and not in the direction of Hohe Strasse / Alter Markt.

There on the Alter Markt at the same time around 100 people had come together for a counter-demonstration in the name of the “Cologne against Right” initiative. The occasion was the demonstration against the state Corona protective measures planned from 3 p.m. on Rudolfplatz, the car parade of opponents of the Corona protective measures through the right bank of the Rhine from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. as well as the unregistered, but advertised online meeting of right-wing demonstrators on Cologne cathedral.

The motorcade on the right bank of the Rhine consisted of around 30 vehicles. In the meantime, he was blocked, but was then able to continue his journey, according to a police officer.

The demonstrators at the Alter Markt adhered to the hygiene measures, wore mouth and nose protection and kept their distance. The police had meanwhile considered ending the rally because the number of participants was limited to 50 people.

The spokesman for the “Cologne against the Right” initiative informed the demonstrators about allegedly 200-300 hooligans and corona deniers on the station forecourt. They asked the police to intervene more strongly and denounced the alleged unequal treatment.

The police were present at the Alter Markt with around 14 emergency vehicles. “Cologne is not Kassel,” chanted the initiative’s spokesmen. The demonstrators threatened to turn themselves against the hooligans if the police did not intervene more strongly.

The participants left the Alter Markt punctually at 2 p.m. The organizers advised only to leave the square in the direction of the Heumarkt, not in the direction of the cathedral, and to move only in small groups. (with dpa and ps)

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Demos Cologne referrals cathedral corona deniers car parade rolls bank Rhine


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