Deutsche Post announces change – ALL customers will benefit


Deutsche Post announces huge change – all customers will have something of it

Deutsche Post: Package not arrived – what you have to do now

Many know the nuisance. You have ordered something, but you haven’t received the parcel and you haven’t got a notification in your mailbox either? Your hands are then not tied.

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Well, it was really high time for that!

Finally there German postal service a change known to many customers. And even those who are NOT a customer of the German Post will certainly be happy about it.

Above all, this changes the delivery of parcels and parcels. And not to the detriment of the German Post

Deutsche Post announces: Customers will be happy

More and more parcels are being ordered and sent last in Germany. That also means that more and more Postbuses are delivering them door to door. And it is precisely in this respect that Swiss Post now wants to improve.

In the future, significantly more electric vehicles will take over the route up to the parcel delivery. Towards the end of 2020, their share was around 18 percent, and Deutsche Post is planning a significant increase to 60 percent for 2030.


This is the Deutsche Post DHL Group:

  • Postal and parcel service providers as well as providers of international express, forwarding, e-commerce and supply chain management services
  • From 1998 to 2002, DHL was gradually acquired by Deutsche Post AG
  • Group with around 550,000 employees in 220 countries
  • 65.34 billion euros in sales in 2019
  • The classic among the products: the letter
  • You can always keep an eye on your parcels using shipment tracking


In concrete figures: at the end of the decade, more than 80,000 e-vehicles would be on the road for Deutsche Post, currently there are around 15,000.

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Swiss Post does not only want to upgrade when it comes to e-cars. The company wants to increasingly use alternative fuels for trucks that are used over long distances or for airplanes.

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That’s how much Deutsche Post wants to spend on switching to green

The measures are intended to reduce CO2 emissions from around 33 million tons recently to below 29 million in 2030 – even though Deutsche Post is growing strongly.

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Without the measures, there would be 46 million tons of CO2 by the end of the decade, estimates Post boss Frank Appel.


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“We are turning our yellow company into a green company,” he announced. Around seven billion euros should therefore flow into “climate-neutral” logistics solutions by 2030.

Sustainability has become an important topic for the logistics industry in general: Heavy delivery traffic in cities not only causes annoyed motorists, but also increasing emissions. Swiss Post’s competitors are also relying more than ever on e-mobility and improved delivery routes.

Deutsche Post with anniversary stamp

The parcel service provider DHL recently revealed a trick to its customers that they certainly did not know before.


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Deutsche Post announces change customers benefit


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