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NASA gave the all-clearThe threatening asteroid “Apophis” will not hit the earth for the time being

“Apophis” will not hit like the Chicxulub asteroid once did. NASA has given the all-clear. ( Garlick / Science Photo Library)

According to NASA, the asteroid “Apophis”, which is considered to be particularly threatening, will not come too close to Earth within the next 100 years.

According to the latest telescope observations, it can be ruled out that “Apophis” will hit Earth in 2068, it said. The asteroid, discovered in 2004, was officially removed from the corresponding risk list of the US space agency. According to the calculations, there is no longer any risk of surcharge for at least 100 years. So it will keep enough distance in its orbit so as not to endanger the earth.

The asteroid is the same 340-meter-wide boulder that will come close to Earth in 2029 and 2036. In eight years it will approach within 32,000 kilometers. Some time ago, NASA had already ruled out that he would hit the ground. However, a potential collision in 2068 still loomed.

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