Developers respond to criticism of monetization, stability, and endgame


The open beta test of Magic: Legends started last week and shortly afterwards the title was criticized – on the one hand due to the weaknesses of the action role-playing game (see our preview) and on the other hand due to the fact that many beta participants perceived it as aggressive Monetization of the free-to-play game.
Executive Producer Steve Ricossa took up the criticism and explained that they first made server improvements and continued with performance optimizations in order to increase or stabilize the frame rates.

On the subject of monetization, he said: “First of all, I’d like to thank our players for their feedback and discussions. It’s important for us to monetize the game, and a big part of the Open Beta is understanding how we can bring valuable content to players – and we do Listen to you. The class activation for the Dimir Assassin (and the Night Veil Spell) will now also be activated at level 50 in the free and premium path of the Battlepass, so that all players can work through this class completely through gameplay. We are excited For further feedback from you guys, we’d like to work with you to further improve the monetization of the game. In addition to that feedback, I’d like to address the currency swap. For our early players, we put 1 million ther in the currency swap to allow them to do the currency swap Without this, the exchange would only be possible if the community had realized its own reserves urs of 1: 385 was chosen because this was the data we analyzed from the closed alpha tests. As soon as this supply is exhausted, the currency exchange will run completely through the ther provided by the community. ”

Otherwise they want to streamline the tutorial, improve the chat function (less spam) and remove player-to-player collisions. The next update with comfort functions, general fine-tuning and stability improvements should follow in mid-April.

Steve Ricossa describes the endgame state as follows: “There has been a lot of discussion about the current Magic: Legends endgame in the open beta. Since the game is very new and we haven’t officially discussed it yet, I want to explain what we mean by endgame. The full depth of the realm has become This system has 4 workstations with 10 levels each, 5 country colors with 10 levels each and the central core with 10 levels. Each station will grant you new advantages, such as better artifact loot, the production of world enchantments, significant reductions the upgrade costs for spells, unique artifacts and about 30% of all spell unlocks in the game. This system is completely based on the farmable in-game currencies ther and planar mana. The difficulty levels that we have implemented work together with the realm and not only offer greater ones Challenges, but also far more loot and more rewards for these Prey. You will have a higher chance of spells, artifacts, and equipment to maximize your options for new profiles. You will also receive more XP for your classes, more gold, ther, spell pages, artifact fragments and upgrade materials for your equipment. “

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Developers respond criticism monetization stability endgame


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