Developers want to brand cheaters with HUD watermarks


of Michael Miskulin
Anyone who cheated in the demo of Outriders will literally be branded when the full version is released. A discreet but visible watermark should appear on the HUD of the cheater and thus clearly identify the player as a cheater.

The developers of the People Can Fly studio have issued a warning to all cheaters of the Outriders demo. If you still use cheats when the full version is released, the developers want to permanently brand them with a digital watermark on the HUD.

Outriders: Developers can identify cheaters

“We can see you all,” wrote the Polish developers in a post on Reddit. “Yes, even the person who got himself 600 legendary weapons.” Since the progress from the Outriders demo that has already been released is being carried over to the full version, cheating is already a hotly debated topic within the community. The developers pointed out that they had already identified 200 cheaters by the time the demo hit two million players – that would be 0.01 percent of the players. They don’t think that this number would change much in the full version.

Outriders: No problems like Cyberpunk 2077 on PS4 and Xbox One, according to developersCheaters should feel account-wide measures in the full version – these would not be limited to characters. So cheaters should not get into a matchmaking pool with fair players. Also the matchmaking process of the cheaters take longer. Cheaters will still be able to play solo, but in the future their HUD will be branded with a “discreet but visible watermark” so that gameplay recordings can be clearly identified with their account. People Can Fly’s developers will check all accounts for cheat activity on launch day and at irregular intervals thereafter.

Outriders: New trailer shortens the waiting time for the release

If a player only cheated in the demo for testing purposes, there may still be a chance for clarification when the full version is released. The developers explained that these players should delete all characters and items on the account so as not to transfer data from the demo to the full version. Interesting for PC gamers: It is considered cheating if the demo was run without Easy-Anti-Cheat (EAC). Modifying the game files would also count as cheating for the developers. Trainer programs, aimbots or wallhacks naturally count as cheats. The use of performance tweaking software is not one of them.

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Developers brand cheaters HUD watermarks


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