Dieter Bohlen: First statement on the DSDS off


It was THE shock news for all DSDS fans: Dieter Bohlen, 67, is no longer on the jury of the RTL show. Now the Poptitan is back with a statement for the first time.

Dieter Bohlen breaks his silence

The DSDS off from chief juror Dieter Bohlen came completely unexpected. After RTL recently announced that the casting format and “Das Supertalent” without continuing the Poptitan, the headlines piled. What is really behind the separation of the station from the jury veteran? According to “Bild” it is supposed to be behind the scenes anything but peaceful have expired.

While with his fans indignation broke out, Dieter was silent about his expulsion – until now. He answered yesterday evening after a long radio silence finally speaking again on Instagram.

Unfortunately, you haven’t heard from me for a long time. Sorry for that, I’m really sorry. But there was so much going on, folks. Every day some people called, every day something

he explains and also reveals: “I have a lot of offers of course get it. “

More about Dieter Bohlen:

Dieter Bohlen after DSDS-Aus: “I plan big things”

Though Dieter certainly has a few strenuous days behind him, he shows himself with a smile on his face. He apparently mourns his DSDS jury chairmanship not really afterwards. The 67-year-old looks positive in the future: “I am super satisfied with the situation at the moment. Of course, I am very excited to see what happens now in the future.

He also promises his fans that he will continue in the social networks to be there for you. So we won’t have to miss the Poptitan on Instagram, Tik Tok and Co.:

I have big plans, you will hear from me.

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Dieter Bohlen statement DSDS


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