Director’s Cut released exclusively for Switch


Quantic Dream and the Berlin-based development studio Jo-Mei have created Sea of ​​Solitude (from 18,99€ at buy): The Director’s Cut released exclusively for Switch (eShop: 19.99 euros; box version 29.99 euros). A demo can be downloaded from the eShop.
The revised version of the indie title includes rewritten dialogues (in collaboration with author Stephen Bell), new speakers for setting the dialogues to music, and revised video sequences to make the narrative experience better. In addition, you can control the torch with the gyroscope and use the new photo mode, in which various factors and the weather can be changed. The game is fully dubbed in German, English, French, Spanish and Japanese. The original was released in July 2019 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One (for testing) – EA was still a publisher at the time.

Background: “Sea of ​​Solitude: The Director’s Cut takes players on a deeply moving adventure in which one follows the journey of Kay – a young woman who has been transformed into a monster by her despair and loneliness. In a world as beautiful as it is disturbing It is important to accompany Kay in her search for peace and quiet. By confronting metaphorical creatures that conjure up excruciating emotions that Kay has to face, she learns more and more about her surroundings, but more importantly, about herself. “

Last updated video: Directors Cut Launch Trailer

Nintendo Switch streamers will also have access to the Director’s Cut Twitch Expansion Bottle of Hope, which will allow viewers and streamers to share positive messages while streaming live. The expansion was developed in partnership with Take This, a mental health nonprofit that is working to break down stigma and promote the advancement of mental health in games. The aim of this expansion is to encourage gamers to talk about self-acceptance, mindfulness, resilience, motivation and compassion on Twitch. ”

“I couldn’t be happier that we are releasing our game for the first time on Nintendo Switch with the support of our partners at Quantic Dream,” says Cornelia Geppert, founder and creative director of Jo-Mei. “This partnership and the Director’s Cut will give more people the opportunity to experience Kay’s journey the way we originally intended – whether on the road or at home.”

“Quantic Dream is proud to release a game that reflects our hallmarks of storytelling, narrative experience and tackles difficult topics,” said Co-CEO and Head of Publishing Guillaume de Fondaumière. “We are thrilled to be working with Connie Geppert and her talented team at Jo-Mei and are excited to present their upgraded version of Sea of ​​Solitude exclusively on Nintendo Switch.”

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Directors Cut released exclusively Switch


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