Discounter announces sale of corona self-tests from Saturday


  • Aldi wants to sell corona rapid tests from Saturday
  • Drugstore chains want to follow suit
  • Pharmacies are also planning to offer self-tests

On sale from Saturday: rapid tests.

Image: Imago | MedienServiceM├╝ller

From next Saturday there should be corona rapid tests for self-application in retail. The supermarket chain Aldi has announced that customers can then get the tests produced in Germany at the checkout.

The delivery quantity is initially limited to one pack per customer. A pack is said to cost around 25 euros and contains five tests, the results of which should be available in 15 minutes after the nasal swab. The detection rate is said to be 96 percent.

Discounter competitor Lidl and the supermarkets from Rewe and Edeka also have the topic on the screen. The drugstore chains Rossmann and dm want to start selling next Tuesday. Pharmacies also want to offer the products.

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Bremen Eins, Der Tag, March 4, 2021, 11:20 p.m.

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Discounter announces sale corona selftests Saturday


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