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According to the Coronavirus coordination staff, 14,633 people in Burgenland have received the Covid-19 vaccination so far. 6,004 of them have already received the second dose. 112,531 people have so far been registered for the vaccination in Burgenland. In the meantime, masseurs, beauticians and other professional groups in the body-related service sector are also vaccinated.

Masseur happy about vaccination

The masseur Dirk Skacel from Zagersdorf (Eisenstadt-Umgebung district) is happy that, as a body-friendly service provider, he was vaccinated against the corona virus last Saturday. He received the vaccine from Astra Zeneca. He said he had no side effects. So far it has been closed in every lockdown, Skacel said. In addition, he treated twice patients who were reported to have a CoV infection one day later and had to go into quarantine for ten days each.


Dirk Skacel already received the first vaccination

For him personally, the vaccination is very important, emphasized Skacel: “It protects me 100 percent from a severe course and, to be honest, I don’t care about the residual risk of infection. If I don’t end up in the intensive care unit as a result, the vaccination has served its purpose “

Snowman: vaccination schedule also depends on vaccine

Skacel is 50 years old. Many older people who are over 80 years old are still not vaccinated. Astra Zeneca is currently only allowed to vaccinate everyone under 65, said State Councilor Leonhard Schneemann (SPÖ). With the mRNA vaccine, everyone over 65 would be vaccinated and therefore it could also be that the body-related service providers would be vaccinated beforehand because there was enough Astra-Zeneca vaccine.

Christa Tschida with her mother Theresia Haider


Christa Tschida with her mother Theresia Haider

Christa Tschida is a beautician in Neusiedl am See. She has not yet been vaccinated against the coronavirus. The 56-year-old can hardly wait for the time to come. She doesn’t know anyone in her industry who has already been vaccinated or has an appointment in sight. Her 85-year-old mother, Theresia Haider, was recently given a vaccination appointment. But Haider said she had acquaintances who had been vaccinated weeks ago. But she is surprised that her husband does not have an appointment yet.

“Adhere to the recommendations of the vaccination committee”

Provincial Councilor Leonhard Schneemann (SPÖ) was also a guest in “Burgenland heute” on Thursday evening. Regarding vaccination dates and the sequence, Schneemann said that the Burgenland is well organized in order to be able to vaccinate every vaccination dose promptly. “It depends on when someone signed up – is it a high-risk group or not. Then vaccinate or not. Then it is ranked according to age ”, says Schneemann.

The reason why many over 80 year olds have not yet been vaccinated is because the AstraZeneca vaccine has not yet been recommended by the National Vaccination Board for people over 65 years of age. Now Vienna decided on Wednesday that it will still vaccinate – when asked why Burgenland would not do this at the moment, the Provincial Council said: “We are following the recommendations of the national vaccination committee – according to the requirements of the federal government.”

Health Councilor Leonhard Schneemann

At the moment, not even half of the people who would be expected in phase 1 have been vaccinated – nevertheless, around 15% of the vaccines supplied are supposed to be in stock in Burgenland. Why? Health Councilor Leonhard Schneemann answers these and other questions about Covid vaccination in a studio talk.

“Vaccination in the near future”

“We can give 10,000 doses of vaccine in the next eight days. It will be faster now than in the past. In the next few days we will have 4,000 vaccination doses from Biontech-Pfizer available, where we can vaccinate people over 80 years of age. We have another 6,000 vaccine doses in the country next week, which we can administer very quickly. There will be a surge in the near future. It is important that you register and use the right hook, ”says Schneemann. Vulnerable groups would be at risk, for example with the vaccine from “AstraZeneca” – you should follow the guidelines of the experts, because you don’t want to take any risks here, “said the State Council – that’s why this vaccine would not be inoculated to risk groups .

When asked about high-risk groups who have not yet been vaccinated and others who have been vaccinated in turn, Schneemann said that no mistakes would happen here. “There is a reservation system and an algorithm runs in the background, according to which the groups are processed. Sometimes it turns out in a face-to-face conversation that people were logged in at different times. In the high-risk groups, the doctors should make the correct classification – then they should be ranked in the correct order, ”said the State Council.

“We only need federal vaccines”

If you are invited to a vaccination appointment via email, you can choose the time and place where you can vaccinate. If the capacities of this vaccinator were already exhausted, you could get a new allocation a week later and even a third option – you don’t have to accept the first suggestion of the vaccination location if it is too far away, says Schneemann.

Regarding the vaccination centers, the State Health Council said that they have already reacted organizationally here. “As of this week we have 66 vaccination doctors and the seven vaccination centers available. It will be enough to give us around 100,000 doses of vaccine in a month. We only need the vaccines from the federal government so that we can protect the population, ”said Schneemann.

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