Dismissal after allegations of sexual harassment at the Mitte company


The coffee house company Mitte in the center of Basel has been criticized for the last few weeks. The reason for this was an article from the «woz» in which a former employee complained about bullying and sexual harassment within the team.

After the management did not comment specifically on the case, they are now taking action. “After detailed examination and discussion (…) the decision was made to terminate the employment relationship with the employee against whom there are several allegations of sexual harassment,” says a corresponding message from the company Mitte. The presumption of innocence continues to apply, it continues.

Crisis team formed

In addition to the termination of the employment contract with the accused, the management has now also formed a crisis team to ensure the protection of the company and its employees. The communication does not reveal who is on the crisis team. In this context, the management has drawn up a three-phase plan to deal with the incidents:

  1. All allegations against the company and the management are examined self-critically.
  2. Further necessary measures are developed in the crisis team and implemented with management.
  3. The open exchange is intensified with all employees and all relevant contact persons.

As soon as the first results are available, the management wants to inform the public promptly and transparently.

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Dismissal allegations sexual harassment Mitte company


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