Dispute between coaches and jury over weather conditions


On Saturday the ski flying team competition was on the program for the German jumpers. But the weather conditions made the competition difficult. There was a dispute between the jury and the coaches.

The last ski jumping World Cup of the season does not come to rest on the third day either. The reason: the weather. Because the conditions for ski flying in Planica were not ideal. The athletes should compete anyway. The competition was later canceled.

Pius Paschke was the first German to jump from the hill in Planica. But with its width, it fell short of expectations and only ended up in fourth place at the bottom with 187.9 meters. After the first round and the difficult wind conditions, the Austrians led ahead of Slovenia and Japan.

Lindvik has to wait a long time

The second German jumper was Constantin Schmid and it was disappointing for him too. He only came to 191 meters and was visibly annoyed afterwards. The wind conditions were so difficult that jumping involved longer waiting times. Marius Lindvik from Norway also had to be patient, he sat on the beam for almost ten minutes without being able to start.

A situation that Severin Freund also observed. He was not set up for the team competition, said after Lindviks jump on ZDF: “I would not have liked to be in his place. He had to get off the bar ten or twelve times. Respect how he did it.” Shortly thereafter, a 15-minute break was set.

Stöckl complains – to no avail

During this break, the German national trainer Stefan Horngacher decided not to let any more German jumpers on the hill. “It’s just too dangerous. I won’t let any athletes jump off me in this wind,” he said on ZDF.

Alexander Stöckl, coach of the Norwegian team, also said: “If the conditions stay the way they are, then the decision is the same for us. I am very confused about the performance of the jury today, I have to honestly say. You could have taken a break earlier. Marius Lindvik had to step off the beam six times. I asked if he could prepare again and repeat the procedure. The wedges are then no longer in place. I couldn’t understand it . I told the jury assistant and nothing happened. ”

Stöckl continues: “They tried to chase every athlete down in the little windows, that’s irresponsible. It was the coaches who made it possible for us to take a break.”

At noon, the international ski federation, the Fis, announced that the jumping would be canceled. The team flying is now to be rescheduled this Sunday in one round from 9.00 a.m. The individual competition with two rounds is scheduled for 10.30 a.m.

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Dispute coaches jury weather conditions


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