Distribution of vaccination doses: Briefly conjures up “solidarity-based compensation”


He is “very optimistic” that there will be a “solidarity-based compensation” in the vaccine distribution – with a distribution of the ten million Biontech doses that have been brought forward, from which Austria will also benefit. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (VP) summarized the “hour-long” discussion he triggered at the EU summit yesterday.

Kurz did not want to renew his original demand that 400,000 cans from this special quota should land in Austria by the end of June. In fact, Austria’s Chancellor had to put up with severe criticism from several colleagues for this suggestion. Tenor: It is true that the eastern EU countries of the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Latvia, whose spokesman Kurz appeared, are lagging behind in terms of vaccination rates. In autumn, the five of them, relying heavily on AstraZeneca, did not use up other contingents they were entitled to. What countries like Germany, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands have used for repeat purchases. Austria, which is just above the EU average in terms of vaccination quota, is not one of these disadvantaged.

Video: Press conference by the Federal Chancellor shortly after the EU summit

“For a short time, not a single additional dose will be given,” Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi was quoted in the daily La Repubblica. The Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, otherwise an ally of Kurz in the alliance of the “Frugals” with Denmark, Sweden and Finland, spoke out against bonus deliveries for Austria.

The EU-27 have outsourced the implementation of the “corrective mechanism” to the level of the EU ambassador. A signal that Austria is more likely to receive the 200,000 than 400,000 extra doses corresponding to the population key. Because among the EU diplomats, Kurz was ?? Advance particularly loudly criticized as disproportionate envy debate.

The Chancellor’s insistence on the correction mechanism could be seen in a different light as early as mid-April. Because, trusting AstraZeneca, Austria only ordered 60 percent of the allotted quota of the fourth vaccine (Johnson & Johnson). Supply gaps seem to be programmed. (luc)


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Distribution vaccination doses Briefly conjures solidaritybased compensation


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