Does the Umbrella Corporation still play a role?


Although the Umbrella Corporation not in that for a long time Resident Evil-Chronology is represented, the evil, corrupt organization still plays a huge role in the series and everything related to it. But what does the group have with Resident Evil Village to do?

She was really big in business Umbrella Corporation most recently in the Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes, but it’s entirely possible that they’ll play a prominent role in the upcoming Resident Evil Village. There are several facts that suggest this.

Resident Evil Village: The First Trailer

Already the debut trailer for Resident Evil Village drew the attention of many fans who were looking for a return of the Umbrella Corporation hoped. The trailer clearly showed the company’s logo, and Capcom obviously made sure this was included in the game’s very first trailer for a reason. Apparently it is Umbrella in the story around Village entangled.

Die Umbrella Corporation in Resident Evil Village. – (C) Capcom

Umbrella Corporation Notes: PS5 Demo and Lady Dimitrescu

Long before the events of the very first Resident Evil could have taken place Umbrella Corporation have already been represented in the “Village”. For example, the Maiden demo on PS5 shows that Lady Dimitrescu has existed since at least the late 1950s and has had its vampiric abilities since that time, if not earlier

That is well before the events of Resident Evil Village or even Zero, the first main game in the series’ chronology. But how Resident Evil 5 explains, the Umbrella story is much longer than it was shown in previous games in the series. The company’s experiments and studies of biological weapons and experimental viruses didn’t begin until they found the flower known as the Stairway of the Sun in West Africa. This flower gave rise to the Progenitor Virus, which, as the name suggests, is the main culprit behind all of the myriad viruses and bioweapons that we have seen over the course of the series.

Umbrella Corporation discovered this flower in 1966. Although that is later than Lady Dimitrescu apparently got its powers, but there must be some reason why the Umbrella logo was so prominently placed in Village. The logo itself is surrounded by four other coats of arms and looks almost like a cult.

Will we learn the origins of Umbrella Corporation in Resident Evil Village?

This is of course now pure fan speculation, but possibly learned how the origins of the group. Perhaps these four coats of arms represent the founders of the Umbrella Corporation. Why else would you bother to use the logo like this? There will most likely be plenty of clues about this in Village.

The co-founder of Umbrella, Ozwell Spencer, was driven by two main motives in everything he did: one was to create a superior form of people to reshape the world in his own village, and the other to find a way essentially immortal and put an end to the concept of aging. Is Lady Dimitrescu so his work? After all, she’s huge and has supernatural powers, and has apparently been around for a while. In the trailer, Dimitrescu is talking to someone named Mother Miranda, who appears to be in the background. We are likely to be told this story as well.


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In the shadow of the monsters

And it’s obvious that Lady Dimitrescu and their “daughters” are far from the only overpowering monsters we will soon get to know. This village has obviously long lived in the shadows of terrible things, and we’ve even seen werewolf-like creatures. We have already been shown other creatures, such as giants or zombies.

The monster is definitely something of a werewolf.  - (C) Capcom

The monster is definitely something of a werewolf. – (C) Capcom

Is Village So a huge test site of the Umbrella Corporationthat is out of joint?

So are these all creatures that gave birth to viruses and bioweapons? Most likely.

Resident Evil Village in the context of history so far

The producer of Resident Evil Village, Peter Fabiano, recently told the official PlayStation Magazine UKthat all creatures in the game would “take into account the entire world and history of the series” “in the context of the world of Resident Evil” and the story of the game. So it’s kind of obvious that the Umbrella Corporation is responsible for everything that is in Resident Evil Village happens.

Where is this village?

Another clue to the fan theory is that Resident Evil Village is set in Europe. First in RE: Code Veronica and most recently in the remake of Resident Evil 3, fans will know that many of the Umbrella Corporation’s major activities took place in Europe.

If Resident Evil Village appears, we will know after a few hours of play whether this fan theory has held.

More about Resident Evil Village

In other news about the survival horror game from Capcom we reported for you that “Ethan Winters an unexpectedly large role“Is imminent. After all, the title is said to have three playable characters, Chris Redfield, Ethan Winters and a woman.

Resident Evil Village will be released on May 7, 2021 for PC, Xbox One / Series X / S, PS5 and PS4.

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Umbrella Corporation play role


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