Donald Trump is returning to New York – but is anything but welcome there


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After a long time, Donald Trump returns to his apartment in Trump Tower. In New York, however, the ex-president is only partially welcome.

  • Donald Trump is back in his homeland for the first time after leaving the White House New York look.
  • There is only a single supporter of Trump.
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New York – Even after his term in office there is great interest in Donald Trump. Immediately after his successor was sworn in Joe Biden did the Republican after Mar-a-Lago withdrawn. He wants to spend the time after his presidency in the Florida sun, at least until another candidacy in 2024, which has been speculated about for some time.

A week ago did Donald Trump return to the political stage. At the CPAC conference, the ex-president gave a speech in which he mainly talked about Democrats. Now is Trump for the first time back in his old homeland New York popped up.

Donald Trump is back in New York for the first time: A single supporter greets him

On Sunday evening (March 7th, 2021) around 9 p.m. (local time), a motorcade drove down Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. The “New York Post” and the local radio station “WABC” report that it is Donald Trump who has long since returned to his old home in Trump Tower, where he lived until 2017.



A video shows the SUV, heavily guarded by the police, being frenetically greeted by a single supporter of Trump who was waiting behind a barrier on the side of the road. In New York seems Donald Trump to be no longer welcome. At least nobody was interested in his arrival. The appearance of his New York fan took the former US President however note: Trump waved to him.

Donald Trump returns to New York – Republicans are far from welcome

Donald Trump was in New York born and made a name for himself there as a real estate agent. In October 2019 the then president and the first lady Melania Trump officially resigned Florida relocated. Last month, the New York police began to cordon off the Trump Removing the tower that was built at the beginning of his tenure, reports the New York Post.

In view of the death of George Floyd and the protests against racist police violence last summer, the street in front of the building was marked with the words “Black Lives Matter” – and thus “liberated”, as Mayor Bill de Blasio had claimed. (Lukas Rogalla)

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Donald Trump returning York


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