Drugs behind the wheel: Drivers walk around the fountain on Alexanderplatz – Berlin several times


On Friday evening, a 36-year-old man under drugs drove his car around the fountain of friendship between the nations on Berlin’s Alexanderplatz, although only pedestrians are allowed to stay there. The man’s driver’s license had been confiscated, the police said on Saturday. Accordingly, the man was noticed on Friday evening.

After the police stopped the car, they wanted to check the car and the man’s driver’s license. However, the driver, who “appeared to be under the influence of narcotics”, refused. He resisted, the forces brought him to the ground and tied the man.

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In a police station, the forces searched the man and found his papers. The suspect was taken into custody and was later released.

The driver’s license was confiscated, the key was secured and the car was towed away. The 36-year-old is being investigated on suspicion of driving a vehicle under the influence of intoxicants and assaulting law enforcement officers.

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Drugs wheel Drivers walk fountain Alexanderplatz Berlin times


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