DSDS: next RTL expulsion! HE won’t be in the final


DSDS: next RTL expulsion! HE won’t be in the final

That’s what the DSDS winners do today

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Oops, what’s the matter with DSDS the?

At least as exciting as the vocal performance of the nine candidates who will be on the live stage on Saturday are currently the crises and conflicts behind them DSDS-Killisssen.

After the jury boss and DSDS-Urgestein Dieter Bohlen threw in the towel at short notice and called in sick for the remaining shows of the current season, the viewers have to go to another in the finale DSDS-Dear sweetheart.

DSDS (RTL): After Dieter Bohlen-Aus – the broadcaster takes THIS consequence

Everything different at DSDS! After it became known that the current season will be the last with jury boss Dieter Bohlen, things are boiling behind the scenes of the casting show.

After a dispute with the production, the pop titan also canceled the two upcoming live shows – officially because he was sick.


This is DSDS:

  • DSDS (“Germany is looking for the superstar”) is a German casting show
  • The TV show is based on the British predecessor “Pop Idol”
  • DSDS was first broadcast on November 9, 2002
  • The casting show runs on RTL
  • Dieter Bohlen has been a member of the jury since the beginning
  • the current jury consists of Dieter Bohlen, Mike Singer and Maite Kelly


Dieter Bohlen’s end has consequences for everyone involved – including a cult star who was supposed to appear in the final on April 3rd. “Bild” reports that DSDS long-term candidate Menderes Bagci was again unloaded by RTL.

The jungle king has been a regular guest in the live shows since his first appearance in 2002, and was supposed to perform the first DSDS song “We Have A Dream” this year with other DSDS stars and Dieter Bohlen – to mark the farewell of the music producer. But nothing will come of it now!

+++ DSDS: Successor to Dieter Bohlen – now this ex-juror brings himself into play +++

DSDS (RTL): “I would have liked to have sung again with Dieter Bohlen at the end”

According to the production company “UFA Show & Factual”, the plan has been put on hold because of the “latest developments”.

What will become of the other American Idol stars who were signed for April 3rd is still unclear. In any case, Menderes is disappointed: “I would have loved to have sung again with Dieter Bohlen at the end. DSDS without him is unimaginable “, quoted” Bild “the 36-year-old.


More to DSDS:


Not only the cult candidate sees it that way. While the nine DSDS candidates are certainly looking forward to their first live show in the Duisburg Landscape Park, many fans are criticizing the new developments.

The end of Dieter Bohlen and his replacement for this Saturday, Thomas Gottschalk, they comment on Instagram:

  • “Without me. Without Dieter, no DSDS. Just looked because of him. “
  • “It no longer makes sense to watch DSDS. I think Dieter Bohlen made this show unique and without him it’s just not the same. “
  • “Without Dieter it won’t be the way it used to be today.”
  • “DSDS is no fun without Dieter.”
  • “I don’t watch this anymore without the pop titan.”

How the first DSDS live show goes without Dieter Bohlen, you can see on Saturday from 8.15 p.m. on RTL. (kv)

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DSDS RTL expulsion wont final


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