“DSDS” replacement with consequences: Why Bohlen should now cash in – thanks to Gottschalk


Thomas Gottschalk could help Dieter Bohlen to get a fat paycheck. Image: www.imago-images.de / APress

“DSDS” replacement with consequences: Why Bohlen should now cash in – thanks to Gottschalk

Dieter Bohlen is out of “DSDS” – he still earns money with it, and possibly an extra portion from Thomas Gottschalk. The former “Wetten, dass ..?” Presenter and freshly appointed substitute juror for the upcoming live shows could bring Bohlen a fat bonus – if the audience is right. The “Bild” newspaper reported on the curious contract clause that could take effect for the first time in the semifinals on Saturday.

For 19 years, Poptitan Bohlen was a member of the jury that shaped the casting show, then RTL ended the collaboration – officially from the next season. On Wednesday, however, it became known that Bohlen had called in sick for the two live shows of the current season. And on Thursday the news followed that Thomas Gottschalk would spontaneously replace him here. “Firstly, one titan won’t let the other down and, secondly, I had nothing better to do,” said Gottschalk, explaining his promise according to RTL.

Thomas Gottschalk could bring DSDS a high number of viewers

The sick note could now pay off especially for Bohlen, because his contract provides, according to “Bild”: The more people are watching, the more money he makes, regardless of whether he’s there or not. The rule should take effect from three million viewers.

The Gottschalk appearance should bring a lot of attention to RTL, because the audience is curious to find out how the 70-year-old is doing as a plank replacement. One thing is certain: Gottschalk will deliver a professional show on Saturday.

The money tap for planks will probably not be turned off until 2022, because that’s how long the contract with RTL should run.

Bohlen should be retired with several million

In addition, the veteran juror is set to become a millionaire again when he leaves. With an annual salary of 2.5 million euros, the RTL star should say goodbye, according to the report.

With that, Bohlen can retire happily – despite all the trouble that the end of his broadcasting career may mean for him.


Dispute over “DSDS” -Gage – that should be the real reason for Bohlens RTL-Aus

It was a real tremor that went through the casting show world this week: Dieter Bohlen will leave “DSDS”. He also stops with the “super talent”. For 18 seasons he was in front of the camera for the legendary RTL casting show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” as chief juror, and for 14 seasons for “Das Supertalent” – that’s over now.

Little is known about the background to the sudden separation. Bohlen did not comment on the show off, RTL only said: “After …

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