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Duisburg –

Semi-finals at “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” 2021. Today, Saturday, March 27th, 2021, the top nine candidates from DSDS will compete against each other in the Duisburg Landscape Park and fight for a place in the grand finale on Saturday, April 3rd, 2021.

  • DSDS semifinals on March 27th
  • For the first time without Dieter Bohlen, instead with Thomas Gottschalk
  • Menderes not in the final

DSDS: All information about the semifinals

In our ticker you can follow all events related to the DSDS live show. The latest information is always at the top.

  • Karl is the first to perform solo – and a hot favorite among the candidates for the title, as moderator Geissen reveals. The 30-year-old sings “Leave A Light On” by Tom Walker.
  • Karl, Starian and Jan-Marten start with the first group song – “Paradise” by MEDUZA feat. Dermont Kennedy. The jury is thrilled. “That was an unbelievable power”, Maite Kelly celebrates the performance and Mike Singer thinks: “It was goose bumps.”
  • “I am happy that I got on board with fresh eyes. I think I was spared a lot of suffering, ”explains Thomas Gottschalk. He sees his role in the jury as encouraging and not criticizing the candidates.
  • Five candidates have to leave DSDS after the semifinals. Only four candidates make it to the final. The viewers decide who that is. The lines are now open. Fans can call for their favorites.
  • “I can’t remember whether the semifinals were ever as strong as this one,” explains Oli Geissen. The candidates appear twice – alone and in a group of three.
  • The nine semi-finalists start the show with a group performance of “Blinding Lights” from The Weekend.
  • Also Moderator Oliver Geissen wishes Dieter Bohlen a speedy recovery. “I would have liked to do two more shows with you,” he explains.
  • It starts! Thomas Gottschalk explains: “Even titans can fall and that happened to Dieter Bohlen.” He wishes the pop titan a speedy recovery and admits that he feels “at home” on live television.
  • Thomas Gottschalk follows in big footsteps, explains Kai Sturm, RTL entertainment director. “If anyone has the right shoe size, it’s Thomas Gottschalk. I am very happy that Thomas spontaneously had a lot of fun with the idea of ​​jumping in as a guest juror in the two live shows, ”he says happily. And the showmaster himself? The offer came spontaneously, so Gottschalk, but he “I had nothing better in mind. The candidates who have made it this far can all sing great, and the decision is up to the audience anyway. So I can’t go wrong. “
  • Actually, DSDS veteran Dieter Bohlen (67) should say goodbye in the grand finale on Saturday, April 3, 2021. Former candidates such as Alexander Klaws (37), Juliette Schoppmann (41), Pietro Lombardi (28) and cult candidates should also be included Menderes Bagci (36) sing the DSDS song “We Have A Dream”. How “Bild” now apparently learned from the production company “UFA Show & Factual” is supposed to Menderes’ appearance has been “put on hold” because of the “latest developments”. It is not yet known whether only Menderes is out and whether the other stars such as Pietro and Co. will still appear in honor of Dieter Bohlen, who himself will not be at the finals due to illness.

DSDS: These are the top nine candidates

Instead of Dieter Bohlen, show master Thomas Gottschalk (70) will support Maite Kelly (41) and Mike Singer (21) in the jury. The pop titan does not take part in the live shows due to illness. The candidates perform individually as well as in three groups. They also sing the song “Blinding Lights” from The Weekend at the start of the show.

Nine candidates are in the semifinals of DSDS (top from left: Jan, Jan-Marten, Starian, Ludi, Kevin; bottom from left: Daniele, Michelle, Pia, Karl).

There are:

  • Karl Jeroboan (30)
    Group 1: “Paradise” by MEDUZA feat. Dermot Kennedy
    Single song: „Leave A Light On” von Tom Walker
  • Jan-Marten Block (25)
    Group 1: “Paradise” by MEDUZA feat. Dermot Kennedy
    Single song: „Kiss From A Rose” von Seal
  • Starian McCoy (19)
    Group 1: “Paradise” by MEDUZA feat. Dermot Kennedy
    Single song: „Earned It“ von The Weeknd
  • Pia-Sophie Remmel (20)
    Group 2: “Break My Heart” by Dua Lipa
    Single song: “Let’s Love” by David Guetta and Sia
  • Daniel “Ludi” Ludwig (24)
    Group 2: “Break My Heart” by Dua Lipa
    Single song: “Attention” von Charlie Puth
  • Michelle Patz (26)
    Group 2: “Break My Heart” by Dua Lipa
    Single song: “Staircase” from LEA
  • Daniele Puccia (19)
    Group 3: „Whatever It Takes“ von Milow
    Single song: “Dynamite” from BTS
  • Jan Böckmann (29)
    Group 3: „Whatever It Takes“ von Milow
    Single song: “Ungerminkkt” von Johannes Oerding
  • Kevin Jenewein (27)
    Group 3: „Whatever It Takes“ von Milow
    Single song: „Right Here Waiting” von Richard Marx

How the candidates fare and who will make it to the DSDS final in 2021 can be seen on Saturday, March 27, 2021, 8.15 p.m., on RTL and TVNOW. (mie)

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