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The Camp David time is over!

On Saturday evening, Thomas Gottschalk (70) took over the scepter from DSDS King Dieter Bohlen (67) for the first time in the semifinals! The TV veteran will also be enthroned on Dieter’s jury chair in the final show – and when he was inaugurated he couldn’t resist a little swipe at the former juror …

At the beginning of the live broadcast, Gottschalk had warm words for his predecessor: “Of course the titans stick together. Especially when there are only three of them: Oli Kahn is working on Uli Hoeneß’s legacy. And I inherited the show from Dieter. Live television on Saturday evening – that’s just made for me. I also feel right at home here. ”
But there is obviously one thing that Gottschalk has to complain about in the jury job of pop titan Dieter: His sometimes nasty sayings against the candidates. So Gottschalk declared on the show on Saturday evening that he wants to do it differently:

“I am glad that I got on board with fresh eyes. Apparently I was spared a lot of misery. But all in all, I see my main task today as encouraging people to explain to them what is in store for them. ”

There has never been such a tremendous jury tremor as in this DSDS seasonFoto: action press

And further: “Because we live in a phase where there is a lot of grumbling. And I was often the victim of criticism. Criticism is often mere complaint. I think you have to do it better to be able to criticize others for what they do. “

When Dieter’s darling Ludi appeared before the jury, Gottschalk stepped up again, countering the bird of paradise: “You were about to make a good person out of Dieter Bohlen.”
And even after the appearance of the DSDS chick Daniele, he couldn’t resist a swipe at Dieter: “You now have to be careful that you take the right steps with the right people. That is so crucial in this business. It’s a shark tank. Just because I’m sitting here doesn’t mean that in real life, too, good things win in the end. “

It has been known for years that the two odds kings are not necessarily best friends. They often teased each other publicly. After the pop-titan ended at DSDS, Gottschalk blasphemed in BILD: “Dieter is what he is. He has not heard of a pass, he or no one scores the goals. ”

Did the pop titan at least follow the semi-final show on Saturday evening in front of the TV? He will certainly not just let Gottschalk’s taunts sit on him …

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DSDS semifinals Gottschalk hands Bohlen


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