DSDS: Thomas Gottschalk disses Dieter Bohlen – new juror is panned in the network


DSDS: Thomas Gottschalk disses Dieter Bohlen – and is panned in the network

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Thomas Gottschalk followed in Dieter Bohlen’s footsteps in the 2021 DSDS semifinals. With provocative slogans against Dieter, the “Wetten, dass ..?” Legend brought the network to a boil.

Duisburg – On Saturday evening (March 27, 2021) the time had come – RTL broadcast DSDS for the first time in history without Dieter Bohlen. The pop titan left his executive chair to “Wetten, dass ..?” Legend Thomas Gottschalk (70). Actually an honor. But the moderator was not really honorable. On the contrary – with nasty swipes at Dieter, he brought the network to a boil and fans astonished.

The jury from the DSDS semifinals: Maite Kelly, Thomas Gottschalk and Mike Singer


The shock is still deep for all fans. After almost twenty years, Dieter Bohlen (67) had to vacate his executive chair. From season 19, the casting show should take place without him. But the 67-year-old threw out earlier than expected. Due to illness, Dieter canceled all remaining DSDS shows for 2021 after a sled accident (more on this here).

Thomas Gottschalk caused all the excitement at DSDS.


Thomas Gottschalk thus replaces Dieter Bohlen in the DSDS semifinals and in the 2021 final. TV viewers did not have great expectations of the former “Wetten, dass ..?” Presenter, after all, Dieter could not replace Dieter. The only thing that was expected was an honorable appearance with respect for the already ailing Dieter.

The fans reacted all the more horrified when Thomas Gottschalk threw out his provocative slogans in front of the camera. The Bohlen successor was of the opinion, too Titans could fall, but if they were on the ground they would get up again. After all, that’s what distinguishes them. Speaking of titans – there are only three of them: “Oli Kahn is working on the legacy of Uli Hoeneß and I inherited the show from Dieter,” rumbles Thomas Gottschalk.

DSDS: Oliver Geissen provoked Dieter Bohlen in the 2021 semifinals alongside Thomas Gottschalk.


And it gets worse, because moderator Oliver Geissen (51), to whom Gottschalk hands over the moderation with a heavy heart, continues to sprinkle salt in the wound. “There is life after Camp David”the moderator thunders against Dieter. Did he really say that? Fans think it can’t get any more uncomfortable.

Also interesting. That’s why Dieter Bohlen always wears Camp David clothes

Or is it? Instead of judging like a juror, Thomas Gottschalk prefers to ‘chatter’ the whole show. The moderator is certain: the candidates must be encouraged. He doesn’t want to criticize (like Dieter?), But rather “explain what to expect.”

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TV viewers see it differently: “Thomas labert DSDS kaputt”, writes a Twitter user. With Gottschalk, DSDS has become a talk show, which leads to harsh criticism: “The Gottschalk in this program doesn’t work at all. The show stands and falls with Dieter Bohlen. No matter whether you like him or not. “

Whether it is justified criticism or not, one thing is certain: the mood at DSDS has never been as bad as it is now. It remains to be seen whether TV viewers will give the casting show a chance in the future even without Dieter Bohlen. There will be a continuation in the final 2021 on Saturday, April 3, 2021, at 8:15 p.m. on RTL – again with Thomas Gottschalk. (All broadcast dates in 2021 at a glance)

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