Duchess Camilla: Bad fate: Her son’s friend dies at 42


This news is sure to hit the British royals completely unexpected. Prince Charles and his wife Camilla are in mourning. Her son’s friend has died.

Whenever you think it can’t get worse, life seems to have an extra dose of cruelty in store. And the British royal family has had to go through a lot in the past few weeks. First the racism allegations against the Royals, then the criticism of Prince Charles (72) and Duchess Camilla (73) because of their trip to Greece. And now a tragic death overshadows the family.

Duchess Camilla: Her son Tom Parker Bowles loses his partner

Tom Parker Bowles, 46, the birth son of Camilla and the stepson of Prince Charles, is devastated. After separating from his wife Sara Parker Bowles (48), he let a new woman into his life and heart. Tom had been with the former journalist Alice Procope († 42) for almost two years. Now the 42-year-old has died unexpectedly, reports the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

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The 42-year-old was diagnosed with cancer in August 2020 – and unfortunately much too late because of the ongoing corona pandemic, as the newspaper reports. “That’s what’s so bad, and countless others will feel like you,” says a friend of Tom’s frankly.

Tom Parkler Bowles is in mourning: his heart is broken

Duchess Camilla’s son was deeply affected by the early cancer death of his beloved friend. “Tom was incredibly happy with Alice and is devastated that life is so cruel,” the newspaper quoted his friend as saying. And Charles and Camilla should also be deeply affected by the news. After all, the future King of England also has a close and good relationship with his stepson.


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Duchess Camilla Bad fate sons friend dies


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