Duchess Meghan: The Meghan Markle Effect: Now she’s also losing her job


Sharon Osbourne has also experienced firsthand why it is better not to mess with Duchess Meghan. She has now been fired for her Meghan criticism on TV.

Since the scandal interview that Duchess Meghan (39, née Markle) and Prince Harry (36) gave with talk legend Oprah Winfrey (67), the discussions about Meghan’s allegations and racism allegations against the British royal family have not stopped.

Not all statements from Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s large exclusive interview are true, as a sensitive document recently revealed. You can find out more in the video above.

Meanwhile, a trend seems to be emerging in the debate: Anyone who messes with the Meghan flies. After “Good Morning Britain” presenter Piers Morgan (55) lost his job because he did not believe the Duchess, Sharon Osbourne (68) has now also caught it, as reported by “theguardian.com”.

After the scandalous interview, the first thing in the British royal family was: damage limitation. You can find out what role Queen Elizabeth II played in the video below.

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Sharon Osbourne: Resignation due to Meghan criticism

In a broadcast on the US talk show “The Talk”, Sharon Osbourne had openly sided with Piers Morgan in the episode of March 10 and commented critically on Meghan’s allegations and racism allegations. The music manager’s choice of words was also not well received by her colleagues. “I even have the feeling that I’m about to be put on the electric chair because I have a friend who many people think is a racist, which makes me a racist,” said the 68-year-old on TV.

The show caused a wave of indignation, whereupon the broadcaster CBS blocked the recording to investigate the case. In a statement, the broadcaster announced that Sharon’s behavior was “inconsistent with our values ​​for a respectful workplace” and announced that the co-host would no longer be part of the program in the future.


Piers Morgan, Herzogin Meghan

Herzogin Meghan
Piers Morgan: “I lost my job because I don’t believe her”
Piers Morgan is no longer presenter on the breakfast show “Good Morning Britain” after criticizing Duchess Meghan’s Oprah interview. On Instagram, he is now venting his anger at losing his job.

The Meghan-Markle effect

Sharon Osbourne has since apologized for what she said. In an interview with “Entertainment Tonight” she stated that she was not sufficiently prepared for the show. Nevertheless, her behavior also made her a victim of the Meghan Markle Effect. After all, she is not the first to be hit by this resignation curse. Moderator Piers Morgan had lost his job after criticizing Meghan and not apologizing in retrospect.

But the news agency “Splash News & Picture Agency”, which mainly specializes in paparazzi recordings, is said to have gone bankrupt due to an expensive legal dispute against the Duchess. The reason for the bankruptcy is a picture that shows Meghan during a walk in Canada with her dogs and son Archie (1).

Is Meghan really what she pretends to be? A nobility expert explains. Details can be found in the video below.


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