“Due to illness” canceled: DSDS live shows take place without Dieter Bohlen



Dieter Bohlen will no longer be part of the jury for the DSDS live shows: he is sick, according to a statement from RTL.

In 18 DSDS seasons, Dieter Bohlen caused a sensation with his sayings. This is over with immediate effect.

RTL / 20 minutes

  • After 18 years, Dieter Bohlen (67) will no longer sit in the jury chair from the next DSDS season.

  • His contract was no longer renewed, but apparently he is said to have already had commitments.

  • Now RTL reports that he will no longer take part in the live shows «due to illness».

Actually, pop titan Dieter Bohlen was supposed to appear twice on the live shows of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”, but nothing comes of it now. In a press release from RTL it is said that the Poptitan canceled “due to illness”. It was recently announced that Bohlen will no longer be on the jury of DSDS and “Das Supertalent” from season 19. The jury legend has not yet commented on it.

RTL entertainment director Kai Sturm also said in a statement that Bohlen was very sorry for his illness-related cancellation. «We wish him all the best and a speedy recovery. The nine finalists now have to sing for victory without Dieter’s company. They are well prepared for this. Maite and Mike have done a very good job so far and will also do the live shows on their own, ”says Kai Sturm. RTL did not reveal what exactly Bohlen had. It is also unclear whether Maite Kelly and Mike Singer will sit alone on the jury in the live shows.

Why was Bohlen fired?

Fans are still puzzling over Bohlen’s sudden DSDS. Rumor has it that he has been fired. Now he is apparently considering taking legal action against the end, as the “Bild” newspaper writes. The pop titan is currently having a Hamburg law firm checked whether he can defend himself, it is said. Because Bohlen’s contract has expired – but he has already received commitments for an extension from (some of the meanwhile) RTL executives.

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Due illness canceled DSDS live shows place Dieter Bohlen


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