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Actually, the electronic vaccination certificate should have been implemented by 2030. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, it will be available earlier. From March 2021, the e-vaccination pass will at least be functional for entering the coronavirus vaccinations.

The electronic vaccination certificate is to gradually replace the old paper version. Its advantages: you cannot lose it and patients always have an up-to-date overview of their vaccination status. “All coronavirus vaccinations must be registered by March. The National Council decided, that means that the systems work, ”said Peter Lehner, Chairman of the Conference of Social Insurance Institutions, to noe.ORF.at.

The coronavirus vaccination is registered in the doctor’s practice using an e-card, ID card and code that you received when you registered for the vaccination. In the case of patients who were vaccinated at the beginning of the year, the vaccination is automatically carried over night.

Cancellation of the e-vaccination card is not possible

Originally, the electronic vaccination certificate should have been introduced much later, but the coronavirus pandemic accelerated the process, Lehner explained: “The key is everyone’s willingness to participate. If this step has been successful – and it often takes years for everyone to really want to participate – then the goal setting and implementation go very quickly. ”

The e-vaccination card is currently an important tool in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Lehner says that you cannot unsubscribe: “Opting out of the e-vaccination pass is not possible, because it only works in the fight against the pandemic if everyone participates.” However, the protection of the data is guaranteed.

Currently, only the coronavirus vaccinations are entered in the e-vaccination pass, but the long-term goal is that all vaccinations from birth to the end of life are registered. In addition, you should be able to call up information about what you have already been vaccinated against and when you will need a booster at any time via the ELGA portal using your mobile phone signature. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can get information about it from your doctor or pharmacy.

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