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To that Climate To protect, environmental activists have for today’s Saturday the 27.03.2021, for the 15th time for the so-called Earth Hour called. Millions of people around the world will do that for an hour that day Turn off the lightto be a sign of the Environmental and climate protection to put.

But when begins the Earth Hour 2021? You can find out all the important information about the “Lights off” campaign here.

Date, time, appointments: When is the Earh Hour today?

This year’s Earh Hour will be on today March 27, 2021 hosted. Around 8:30 p.m. local time then all participants will turn off the lights for an hour. Famous buildings such as the Brandenburg Gate, Cologne Cathedral, the Eiffel Tower or the Sydney Opera House are shrouded in darkness.

The Brandenburg Gate is in the dark during the last Earth Hour.
© Photo: dpa

Earth Hour Germany: WWF calls on Internet community to participate

At that of the WWF launched action want to be in over 570 locations Germany participate. As part of the Earth Hour, the WWF this time calls on all private participants to document the campaign by photo or video and to publish it in the online networks using the hashtags # LIGHTWEUS and EARTHHOUR. The campaign should make it clear in good time before the federal election: “No party can ignore climate protection.”

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Earth Hour Time lights WWF Germany information Earth Hour today


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