Earthquake reported south of Vienna


Austria’s capital is shaking: an earthquake with a magnitude of four was registered south of Vienna. Residents report clearly noticeable effects.

Apparently there was an earthquake near Vienna early Tuesday evening. According to the research company European-Mediterranean Seismological Center (EMSC), the epicenter was in the urban area of ​​Wiener Neustadt, around 40 kilometers south of the Austrian capital. The earthquake had a strength of four on the Richter scale and can therefore be classified as a slight quake.

On Twitter, users from the Vienna area are already reporting shocks: “Did you just feel the brief Earthquake in Vienna? The windows have moved wien,” tweeted user Luisa Gold.

Jasmin Puchwein writes: “Briefly thought that in Eisenstadt the subway passes under the country house.” Lorenz Vollmann also confirms: “Clearly noticeable Earthquake in Vienna, the epicenter apparently near Wiener Neustadt.”

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Earthquake reported south Vienna


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