“Easter rest” during vaccination? Excitement about breaks on the holidays


Carinthia, on the other hand, vaccinates high-risk patients as planned on Saturday and Sunday. That’s over 5,000. Easter Monday was never planned as a vaccination day there.

In Styria vaccination is currently being carried out in 22 vaccination streets and by around 800 resident doctors. This week there are 2,500 doses for the vaccination routes, all of which are to be vaccinated today and tomorrow. Then there won’t be any new vaccines until next week. That is why the vaccination streets in Styria will not continue until Tuesday.

Doctors practicing in Styria currently have 10,000 doses available. The appointments are made directly with the patient. “So there is no question of a vaccination stop – on the contrary, we would like to vaccinate more if we had more vaccine,” says the Styrian vaccination coordination.

No “breaks” in Tyrol and Lower Austria

In Tyrol, depending on availability, vaccinations are sometimes also carried out on the Easter weekend. And also in Lower Austria it is emphasized that there is no “vaccination stop”: “There is no time to take a break,” explains Stefan Spielbichler, spokesman for vaccination coordination, in an interview with the KURIER.

On the contrary: Dozens of impfordinations in the resident area even agreed to keep their ordinations open on public holidays such as Easter Monday and to guarantee the vaccination appointments. From Maundy Thursday to Easter Monday, 15,000 vaccination appointments have already been made. And tomorrow, Wednesday, a further 80,000 appointments for people aged 65 and over will be activated for registration on the www.imfung.at platform. Some of them will also get the appointment over the Easter weekend.

In Lower Austria they are currently in the process of expanding the vaccination centers: In addition to the 500 impfordinations, there should also be 20 vaccination centers by May, at least one in each district.

So there are no intentional vaccination bans – the problem remains the lack of vaccines in all federal states.

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Easter rest vaccination Excitement breaks holidays


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