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Status: March 24, 2021 1:33 p.m.

The Corona decision on Easter rest has been withdrawn. Hamburg’s Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD) spoke of a mistake by all politicians involved.

The legal hurdles of the proposal from the Chancellery had not been recognized, he said on Wednesday after a briefly convened round of prime ministers of the federal states with Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU).

Nevertheless, the Easter rest “still has an important background,” emphasized the mayor. In order to limit the acceleration of the infection dynamics, it is important “to spend the Easter weekend as calmly as possible,” said Tschentscher.

Merkel asks citizens for forgiveness

Merkel previously apologized in a short statement. The decision to rest at Easter was a mistake. You are responsible for it. The process caused uncertainty, but ask all citizens for their forgiveness.

Massive criticism of recent decisions

In their top round on Tuesday night, the federal and state governments had actually agreed to close shops on Maundy Thursday and only allow food to be sold on Saturday. This resulted in massive criticism. In addition, it turned out that such a regulation is too difficult to implement legally: the time is too short to change the relevant legal basis.

The lockdown rules that are currently in force will be continued until April 18, according to the resolutions of the federal-state summit.

Further information

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Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU).  © dpa-Pool / dpa Photo: Kay Nietfeld

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Easter rest tipped Tschentscher regrets mistakes NDRde Nachrichten Hamburg


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