Edeka, Rewe, Real, Netto: call back! THESE snacks are dangerous


Edeka, Rewe, Real, Netto: call back! THESE snacks can be dangerous

Edeka: The success story of the supermarket chain

The Edeka Group is the largest supermarket chain in Germany. Edeka AG & Co. KG was founded in Leipzig in 1907. Today it has its headquarters in Hamburg.

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The supermarket chains Edeka, Real, Netto and Rewe recall a product!

Under no circumstances should customers eat the product in question, which is why the supermarkets have launched a nationwide recall.

So be at Edeka, Rewe, Real, Netto and Co. currently recalled several snacks. These are almonds and trail mix: there is a risk of poisoning!

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Edeka, Rewe, Real, Netto: call back! Risk of poisoning with snack

Behind the affected products from Edeka, Rewe, Real and Net stands the “Carl Wilhelm Clasen GmbH”. The company is now recalling several items nationwide that contain almonds.


This is Edeka:

  • Edeka was founded in Leipzig in 1907
  • The name Edeka is an abbreviation for “purchasing cooperative of the colonial goods traders in the Hallesches Torgebiet zu Berlin”
  • Edeka has 381,000 employees (as of 2019)
  • In 2019, Edeka had sales of 55.7 billion euros


The suspicion: so-called bitter almonds could have crept into some packages.


More news:


Bitter almonds naturally contain high levels of amygdalin – a chemical compound from which hydrogen cyanide is released during consumption and digestion.

Hydrocyanic acid poisoning can lead to severe headaches, dizziness and nausea. In particularly bad cases, bluish discoloration of the skin and feelings of suffocation are possible, as hydrogen cyanide can block important enzymes in cell respiration.

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Edeka, Rewe, Real, Netto: These almond snacks are affected

In detail, the following products are affected with the corresponding batches and best before dates (BBD):

  • Clasen Bio Mandelkerne 200g
    Charge 70108662, MHD 15.12.2021
  • Edeka organic almonds 200g
    Best before 23.11.2021
  • Edeka organic trail mix, 200g
    Best before 23.01.2022
  • Clasen Bio Nusskernmischung 200g
    Charge 70110732, MHD 27.10.2021
  • Clasen Bio Premium Studentenfutter 125g
    Charge 70109372, MHD 25.09.2021

The articles were not only sold at Edeka, Rewe and Real, but also at other grocery stores such as Akzenta, Citti, Famila, FreshnessParadies, Kaufpark, or Transgourmet.

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Affected customers can also return the purchased items to the relevant branches without presenting the receipt and receive a refund of the purchase price, as reported by the “” portal.

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Edeka Rewe Real Netto call snacks dangerous


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