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Education associations such as the GEW trade union have described the announced withdrawal of Minister of Education Eisenmann as a clear step. But there was criticism of their corona policy.

The outgoing minister of education, Susanne Eisenmann (CDU), is facing up to responsibility, said Monika Stein, chairwoman of the GEW education union, when asked by SWR. This “clear step” distinguishes her as a good politician. The background to this is the poor election result of the CDU in the state elections in 2021. According to the GEW, it should be noted that education policy has made little progress in the past five years. The responsibility for this would be shared by the Greens and CDU, said Stein.

Criticism of Corona-Management

The philologists’ association, the interest group for high school teachers, criticized the minister’s corona crisis management. Necessary protective measures only came if they did not cost any money, according to state chairman Ralf Scholl. Despite all the criticism, Eisenmann’s commitment to the grammar school and the multi-tier school system is noteworthy. The Philologists’ Association praised the Minister of Education for putting an end to learning to write by ear in primary schools. It was said that this was a positive aspect of their work.

Association: “Politics with an open visor”

The Association of Education and Upbringing (VBE) praised Eisenmann’s policy “with an open eye”. You have made clear announcements and not delivered any “softened phrases”, said chairman Gerhard Brand. However, the CDU politician did not succeed in conveying her policy to the people.

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Education associations react withdrawal Minister Education Eisenmann SWR Aktuell


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