EHT telescope makes magnetic fields visible in M87


Two years ago the first picture of a black hole went around the world. Now the researchers are stepping up. With a new recording they want to find out how the huge particle jets of a black hole are formed.

The black hole in the galaxy M87 is surrounded by a halo of hot gas. The lines show the polarization of the light and allow conclusions to be drawn about the magnetic field in which the luminous gas moves.


(dpa) · Two years ago researchers first published the picture of a black hole. Now they have taken a further step in investigating the gravity monster in the distant galaxy Messier 87 (M87). For the first time, magnetic fields in the immediate vicinity of the black hole could be detected and made visible, as the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy in Bonn announced on Wednesday. «That is very important to us. This enables us to better understand how the luminous structures are created in the vicinity of a black hole, ”explained Anton Zensus, director at the institute.

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EHT telescope magnetic fields visible M87


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