Eight questions about the new CS bang – fund crash and mega write-off – that’s how hard it hits Credit Suisse


The case of a hedge fund manager plunges numerous banks around the world into distress. Credit Suisse is threatened with a drastic write-off. We explain the background.

The share loses 14 percent: the next setback for Credit Suisse.

Photo: Urs Flüeler (Keystone)

What happened?

Credit Suisse has to reckon with high losses because a hedge fund with which the bank worked is on the brink of failure. The CS share therefore loses 14 percent on the stock exchange (to the news from the morning). The price fall was triggered by the US hedge fund Archegos Capital, which was founded by finance manager Bill Hwang. This has speculated on a large scale. The big bank apparently lent billions to the fund, the loans were secured with shares. Because of the problems, all lending banks are now throwing the stocks deposited as collateral onto the market. Because they are selling the securities at a low price, banks like CS are now threatened with high write-offs.

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questions bang fund crash mega writeoff hard hits Credit Suisse


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