Eintracht Frankfurt: SGE professional Sebastian Rode: Bobic farewell “was a topic in the dressing room”


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Sebastian Rode from Eintracht Frankfurt on the approaching departure from Fredi Bobic, the loss of his regular place and the desire to end his own career in Frankfurt.

  • Interview with Sebastian Rode from Eintracht Frankfurt.
  • The midfielder of the SGE talks about the farewell to Fredi Bobic and his short playing time.
  • Rode would love to join his career Eintracht Frankfurt break up.

Mr Rode, football Frankfurt has been shaking in the past few days because Fredi Bobic announced his departure from Eintracht in the summer. How much does something like that affect or burden the team?

Of course we noticed, it was also an issue for one or the other in the dressing room. It is obvious. When Bruno Hübner says goodbye first and then, with Fredi Bobic, the one who has set the direction of the sport over the past few years wants to leave us, you will notice and then we will talk about it. But it has no effect on the work on the training field or on the Bundesliga game on the weekend, after all, Fredi Bobic is not on the field with us.

Eintracht Frankfurt: Rode believes in an adequate replacement for Bobic

But is it not now that the team is explicitly informed about it? The players then find out more from the Internet, television or the newspaper.

That’s the way it is. One or the other happened to meet Fredi afterwards and talked to him, but I wasn’t one of them. I think that if Fredi leaves, a suitable successor will be found. That’s the way it is in the football business.

In Gladbach, coach Marco Rose is leaving and things are no longer going well: four games, four defeats. There were similar situations in Frankfurt when Armin Veh and later Niko Kovac announced their departure during the season. Is that comparable with the current situation?

Not exactly. The coach has a completely different influence on the team and is much closer. That’s a difference.

Do you think that this unrest could endanger the big goal of the Champions League?

That’s too hypothetical for me. Again: What happens on the pitch is not influenced by Fredi Bobic, we are responsible for that. There is also an opponent, that is a very decisive factor. If the opponent is better than us at the weekend, then that has nothing to do with Fredi Bobic.

Eintracht Frankfurt: No excuses for performance on the pitch

But we know how it goes: Three defeats in a row and then it’s: ‘It was clear with the unrest.’

No, that shouldn’t be an excuse, you have to look at it separately.

Especially since there is the good news that Adi Hütter will definitely remain a coach. How did the team respond to this commitment?

That was very, very important. Especially when two leaders leave us, it is of crucial importance that the trainer remains as an anchor. That was good news.

Let’s get down to the sporty side. The first defeat of the year came in Bremen eight days ago – how long did the team have to nibble on?

It was a damper, no question about it. Bremen did well defensively, leaving us no space. That’s why the game was different from the previous games. We have worked through that and we do not assume that the next games will be the same, that is, that the opponent will be so consistently behind. A game like the one against Bremen will not happen again in this form. We performed very well against other teams that play a little more openly like Bayern. We can playfully override other teams. That is why we believe that our strengths will now come into their own again. We want to start a new series against Stuttgart, even if it will be difficult. VfB has a really good team with a lot of fast players.

“What happens on the pitch is not influenced by Fredi Bobic, we are responsible for that,” says Sebastian Rode. prettier

© Jan Huebner

You mention the Stuttgart game. This is not an unimportant encounter.

That’s true. This is a very important game, absolutely trend-setting. If we win and get back on the road to success, we can actually check the Bremen game off as a slip-up. And it would be important so that we can work out a buffer or at least keep the lead, so that the others would not get too close to us.

Eintracht Frankfurt: Rode also wants to score against top teams

Then it goes against five opponents from the first tableau. Is there now the fear of being able to gamble away everything in the end? Or do you grow with the tasks?

I have absolutely no concerns that we won’t get any points against the top teams. In the first half of the season we showed that we can survive there, we were equal in these players or even better in some cases.

And the four difficult away games in Leipzig, Dortmund, Gladbach and Leverkusen? That worries you, at least in Dortmund and Leverkusen there has always been a sour thing in recent years. Or do the ghost games change everything?

I think so. I have never played in Dortmund without fans, otherwise there were always 81,000. Now it will be zero. That will be something completely different. The Dortmunders are missing something, what this stadium is all about. Besides, it doesn’t help anyway: we have to accept it and try to do better than the past few years. It’s a new chance every time. And I am in good spirits that this year we will manage to break through one or the other negative series.

Eintracht Frankfurt: Rode does not compare teams

You have already played in Munich and Dortmund, at top clubs. How good is the current Eintracht team in comparison?

I’m not a fan of comparing teams. But I can say for us that we have a very good team, especially in terms of style of play. The mix is ​​right, it’s great. We have fast players, strong duel players, a good balance between offensive and defensive. We can set the pace, but we can also counteract it if the opponent is in possession of the ball for a while. We’re just unpredictable.

And have confidence.

That’s very clear. Anyone who has no self-confidence after such a winning streak can no longer be helped.

You have lost your regular place, how satisfied are you with your own performance?

I didn’t have such a happy start to the new year, that’s right. Yellow card suspension, knee problems and the guys did well during that time. But I definitely want to work my way into it.

Eintracht Frankfurt: Quality in the squad has increased

It says a lot about the increased quality of the squad when professionals like Luka Jovic or you sit outside. After all, whenever you were fit, you were part of the permanent staff.

Absolutely. Not only the first 14 players, but also in positions 17, 18 and 19 we have exceptional quality. For example, it is important that Ragnar Ache is fit again. He brings a different dynamic to our offensive game. So it’s no shame to sit outside. It is important to keep working, then the opportunity will come automatically.

As a team player, it doesn’t seem that difficult to keep calm. Luka Jovic, on the other hand, didn’t look so happy. Do you have to work on yourself or is that just a question of type?

I don’t think that’s so bad that Luka might have been pissed off for a moment. He probably also imagined being in the first eleven faster. But I think that he played a good game against Bayern, for example. Without a goal, which is what strikers are always measured by, but it was important for the team. He distributed a lot of balls. It is also important for him to be patient. There is only one striker in our system at the moment and André Silva scored 19 goals.

That all sounds very mature, you are now 30, so does one get calmer with age? Or would you have said such sentences – let’s say – five, six, seven years ago?

Maybe not in the same way, but I can absolutely put myself in the shoes of the coach. I’m also a fan of the never-change-a-winning team idea.

Eintracht Frankfurt: The goal is international business

Despite the defeat in Bremen, your team is still fourth, a Champions League rank. Specifically, would it be a disappointment if it were only enough for the Europa League qualification in the end?

Absolutely no way! Sure, you always strive for maximum success, for things that you have not yet achieved. And then the Champions League with unity would be something phenomenal, something that has never been there. But there is still a long, long way to go.

After the departure of David Abraham, the captain’s question for the coming season is still unresolved, you are a candidate. But if Martin Hinteregger or Makoto Hasebe were to get the bandage, would that be okay with you, too, or do we misjudge it?

No, no, that would be okay. Of course, it would be an honor for me to wear the captain’s armband as well, but we share the responsibility on several shoulders anyway.

You have now reached the top of the hierarchy.

I am one of the oldest players and have experienced a lot through my career. Many young players might want to go there. Of course, my standing is greater than it used to be.

Eintracht Frankfurt: Rode’s career has not yet been decided

Sebastian Rode one of the oldest players in the squad, time is running out. How long do you want to play as long as your feet can carry?

(laughs) I have a contract until 2024, I haven’t thought about that yet. But it will certainly not go as far as my feet would carry me, my body has already made too much for that. I want to have a healthy time after my career.

So you won’t be a second Makoto Hasebe?

I won’t make it that long, you need the right genes for that (laughs). Hase will soon be competing with this 54-year-old Japanese (editor’s note: Kazuyoshi Miura, who still plays professionally).

Now Makoto Hasebe is playing in midfield again at the age of 37 …

… but he also blows hard every now and then in the cabin (laughs).

Eintracht Frankfurt: Rode wants to end his career with the SGE

Can you imagine the end of your career in Frankfurt?

Yes, in any case. That would be a nice end to my career.

And what’s next? You are building a house in Bensheim. Is it ready soon?

I hope that we can move soon. The construction took longer than expected due to Corona, but we will be ready soon. There we will have a different quality of life than we do now in Frankfurt, with a garden and so on.

But you will surely miss Frankfurt, our colleague Thomas Kilchenstein reports regularly about chance meetings with you on the streets of Sachsenhausen.

Of course we will miss Frankfurt. At the moment, however, a lot of the charm of city life has been lost due to the corona. Hopefully that will change again soon. But the city is not out of the world in the future either, half an hour from Bensheim. And of course a warm greeting to Mr. Kilchenstein (laughs).

Interview: Ingo Durstewitz and Daniel Schmitt

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