Eintracht Frankfurt: The Bobic case is hanging – Schweinsteiger as a successor unlikely


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The tactics in the Fredi Bobic case is running – Eintracht Frankfurt is (still) calm in the search for a successor.

  • Fredi Bobic would like to Eintracht Frankfurt leave at your own request in summer.
  • The aim of the sports board is Hertha BSC Berlin.
  • Eintracht has so far refused to release Bobic, who has no release clause.

Has in the Bundesliga break Fredi Bobic changed his point of view. No longer looking at the Frankfurt skyline from high up in the hotel on the Main, but into the green of Berlin. In the west of the capital, in Dahlem, the Bobic family is at home and this is where the sports director of Eintracht Frankfurt has withdrawn for a few days, as is so often the case in times of international matches. And of course the boulevard asked itself promptly and provocatively whether he, Bobic, would also visit the Hertha branch in the process.

A short trip to the Olympiapark has not been communicated, but there is certainly contact between them relegation-threatened Berlin Bundesliga club and her likely next manager. Since the dismissal of managing director Michael Preetz in January Fredi Bobic Hertha’s preferred candidate – which is based on love in return. But: Since the Bobic quake, the beginning of March from the sports directorate with one inglorious TV appearance was triggered and a week later left the Eintracht supervisory board as the point winner, little has happened – at least publicly.

At a distance, not just because of Corona: Supervisory Board chief Holzer (left) and sports director Bobic.

© Jan Huebner

Eintracht Frankfurt: Bobic Poker has long been open

The expectations of the Eintracht bosses that a Bobic prospect (Hertha BSC) would come to them in a timely manner to deal with the supervisory board chairman Philip Holzer Negotiating the amount of a transfer fee has not yet occurred. Instead occurs Fredi Bobic himself as a negotiator, he deliberately had this option recorded in the minutes of the supervisory board meeting.

Since the contract of Fredi Bobic As is well known, does not contain an exit clause, maneuvering has long been in full swing or – to put it more appropriately – at a standstill. Neither party wants to approach the other in any significant way. The more time passes, the more urgently decisions have to be made, which could increase the willingness to compromise on one side as well as on the other – at least that is what hopes, of course on both sides. One time mixed up mixed bag.

Eintracht Frankfurt wants five million for Fredi Bobic

Eintracht wants to earn around five million euros on a Bobic exit, Fredi Bobic itself (and Hertha in the background), on the other hand, is aiming for a much smaller sum, perhaps two million. There are clear differences. Although the current Bundesliga break seems predestined to reach an agreement, is a The end of the hanging game is currently not in sight, although that can change every day.

“Zimbo” extended

Goalkeeping coach Jan Zimmermann has prematurely extended his contract with Eintracht. The former professional, who replaced Moppes Petz a little more than a year ago, signed a contract until the end of June 2024. “Jan is always looking for new ideas and thinks outside the box,” said the departing Frankfurt sports director Fredi Bobic In a club announcement, words of praise: “His modern training structure contributes significantly to the continuous improvement of our goalkeeping team’s performance.” The cooperation between “Zimbo”, as the 35-year-old is only called, and the German national goalkeeper Kevin Trapp is considered to be excellent. dani

In any case, Eintracht has, logically, long since gained an overview of possible successors. After the rejection of the preferred candidate Christoph Spycher (Young Boys Bern), the Hessians have drawn up various profiles of how they could imagine their future manager. For example, there is an experienced man, “Fredi Bobic reloaded “quasi, someone who has known the Bundesliga for a long time, who has already been through a lot, has contacts, but possibly also failed one or the other time at clubs. Jörg Schmadtke, Rouven Schröder, and, and, and.

Successor of Fredi Bobic at Eintracht Frankfurt: Schweinsteiger? Arabi? Rests?

Or a guy like Bastian Schweinsteigerwho hovers above things, who does not yet have managerial skills, but who, due to his vita and aura, would probably quickly gain the necessary respect – admittedly the most unlikely option.

Or a man from the second row, people like Sebastian Kehl (which will soon rise in Dortmund, however), Simon Rolfes (Sports Director Bayer Leverkusen) and Markus Krösche (Sports director RB Leipzig), who have long proven their expertise in the background of strong leaders (Kehl – Zorc; Rolfes – Völler; Krösche – Mintzlaff) and now may want to take the next step to become the big boss of a club.

So several manager profiles, and even more candidates, the last of which was next to Jonas Boldt (Hamburger SV, Oliver Ruhnert (Union Berlin) and Krösche also the Bielefeld managing director Samir Arabi has appeared frequently in reporting. “My thoughts currently belong clearly only to the DSC Arminia”, the “Westfalen-Blatt” quotes the maker of East Westphalia, which of course does not rule out a future focus on another employer.

Sports director Fredi Bobic wants to leave Eintracht Frankfurt.

© Uwe Anspach / dpa

Eintracht Frankfurt looking for Fredi Bobic’s successor: who is Mister X?

Arabi has been pulling the strings in Bielefeld for ten years now and has transformed the club from a third division into a first division. Whether the 42-year-old, on the other hand, has a sufficiently large network and whether Eintracht is willing to pay almost half a million euros in transfer fees for him remains to be seen.

Arabi, Ruhnert, Krösche, Boldt, Mister X – nothing has been decided yet at Eintracht Frankfurt. Not at all in the cause Fredi Bobic. (Daniel Schmitt)

List of rubric lists: © Uwe Anspach / dpa

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