Ellie Goulding: Announcement of pregnancy in the 30th week: That’s why she kept it a secret for so long


It wasn’t until the 30th week of pregnancy that Ellie Goulding announced that she was going to be a mother. Now she revealed why she kept the message to herself for so long.

At the end of February, singer Ellie Goulding (34, “Brightest Blue”) announced her pregnancy – at this point she was already in the 30th week of pregnancy. In an interview with the English newspaper “The Daily Telegraph”, she now explained why she had decided to keep the pregnancy a secret for so long. The Briton revealed that she learned last August that she was expecting a child. However, she needed time to process the news.

Secrecy wasn’t too difficult for them in Corona times. “After living in lockdown, I wandered around in my husband’s big coats to hide my baby bump,” said Goulding. Only after she moved into a new house with her partner Caspar Jopling (29) did she finally feel that she had arrived and felt calm. “I felt like we now had these solid roots and that was the right moment to say something.”

“Becoming a mother was never on my plan”

She had to nibble at the fact of becoming a mother for so long because she had previously identified herself primarily through her job. “I’ve always defined myself as a touring artist. That’s who I am and what I do. Becoming a mother was never on my agenda.”

During her pregnancy, in addition to her partner and family, her friends Princess Eugenie (31) and singer Katy Perry (36) are by her side, as Goulding also revealed to the newspaper. It was Princess Eugenie, herself a mother since the beginning of February, who introduced the British singer to the art dealer Caspar Joplin in 2017. Goulding and Joplin married in August 2019.

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