eM Client introduces the new version 8.2


eM Client presents its new version 8.2. It includes new features, including online meeting integration with Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet, better support for cloud storage attachments, new emoticons and Giphy support and a set of new eM stickers.

It is now possible to connect directly to the most frequently used video conference tools (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet). This allows users to set up new online meetings with just one click.

The management of attachments is also further improved thanks to the integration with the most popular cloud storage services – including OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, OwnCloud and NextCloud. Attachments can be uploaded directly to connected cloud storage. It is also possible to set an expiration date, add password protection for cloud files and set up full read or write access control. In addition, cloud attachments can be listed as regular attachments. All cloud storage services can be managed in the eM Client settings.

In addition, users can now choose from thousands of new visual elements to spice up their emails. Not only is the entire Giphy database available, but all standard emoticons are also supported – including the selection of skin color and categorization, on both Windows and macOS. A new set of originally designed eM stickers is also available.

Other new functions:

  • The ‘Reply To’ address can be changed when writing an email so that the recipient replies to an address of their choice (instead of the ‘From’ address by default).
  • It is possible to toggle between HTML and plain text mode while reading an email.
  • New rules and conditions are available for the ‘From’ field – including wildcards, domains, ‘contains’, ‘starts with’ or ‘ends with’.
  • From now on the options’ Reply “https://news.google.com/” Reply to all “https://news.google.com/” Forward “https://news.google.com/” E-Send Mail ‘is available for communicating with participants in an event.
  • A practical ‘select folder’ filter ensures faster navigation and better folder management.

EM Client 8 users receive a notification that a new update is available and can then carry it out. Anyone who owns eM Client Pro for version 7 or older can purchase an upgrade for EUR 29.95 incl. VAT per license.

A new license costs EUR 49.95 including VAT. EM Client 8.2 for macOS will be released in the coming weeks.


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