Ernst August von Hannover: There was a scandal when the verdict was pronounced


On Tuesday, Prince Ernst August von Hannover was sentenced to ten years probation. BUNTE aristocracy expert Stefan Blatt was present at the hearing and describes how the prince reacted to the court’s decision and how his life will now change.

The famous name and its royal title should not give Ernst August von Hannover (67) any special treatment. At least that’s what it said in the run-up to the trial. But on Tuesday (March 23) things turned out differently before the regional court in Wels, Upper Austria. BUNTE aristocracy expert Stefan Blatt was also able to experience this. He was one of the few journalists allowed to attend the trial in the courtroom.

Ten months probation and various conditions, including a three-year residence ban on his hunting property in Upper Austria – that was the verdict for the head of the Welfen, who threatened employees and attacked police officers while intoxicated with alcohol and drugs. But when the prince heard this, there was a scandal.

What happened in courtroom 22, how Ernst August’s relationship with his children and his wife Caroline (64) is and what the German nobility thinks about him, you can find out in the video above.


Ernst August of Hanover
“Impossible”: This is how he reacts to the judgment
Ernst August von Hannover has to answer before the regional court in Wels, Austria. He faces three years in prison. At the start of the process, the boss of the Guelphs receives special treatment.


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Ernst August von Hannover scandal verdict pronounced


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