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Estefania Wollny surprises fans with a new figure


Estefania Wollny suffered meningitis in 2020

In the past few years, Estefania Wollny has been going through a real roller coaster ride of emotions. First, Silvia Wollny’s daughter (56) had to stay in hospital for weeks because she suffered from meningitis and a few months later caused a sensation in the media with her song “Unkaputtbar”. Estefania’s latest Instagram post is about something completely different: the 19-year-old figure. Because the fans are sure: Estefania has lost a lot of weight.

Estefania’s new character is causing a stir among her fans

Estefania also likes to keep her followers up to date on Instagram apart from the documentary series “The Wollnys – A terrible big family” and posts snapshots from her life. Estefania’s latest picture is causing quite a sensation. While the 19-year-old poses in front of the mirror in jeans and a tight-fitting black shirt, the fans immediately notice: Estefania looks visibly slim and her feminine curves are clearly shown to advantage.

The followers are over the moon. “Did you lose weight?” would like to know a fan. Another comment is, “You look great!” Estefania herself adds to her picture: “Everything happens for a reason!” What exactly Estefania wants to tell us, that remains her very personal secret. And also why the 19-year-old has meanwhile deleted the picture from her account. Because the photo can no longer be seen online.

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Estefania Wollny surprises fans figure


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