EU Commission President – “When it comes to the Corona Pass, it’s member states’ turn”


EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen sees member states as having a say in the sensitive issue of the scope of the Europe-wide Corona passport. “Which rights and freedoms are associated with this EU-wide recognized certificate (…) is a national responsibility,” said the German Christian Democrat of the daily newspaper “Der Standard” (Monday edition). The member states would also have to “do their homework” so that the certificate can start with summer.

“The commission has already proven with the tracing apps that a digital connection can be established in three months”, emphasized von der Leyen. So far, however, only 16 member states are linked, and two states have “completely different systems” and therefore cannot exchange data.

Von der Leyen emphasized that “only a minimum of data” is used for the certificate. Specifically, whether you have a vaccination, a negative PCR test or a disease that has been overcome. “The information on the certificate only shows that someone is not infectious.”

When asked about the criticism of Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) of vaccination supplies in the EU, von der Leyen said that her cooperation with the Austrian head of government was “very good”. “He also repeatedly emphasizes how important it is for smaller member states to have the full strength of a union of 450 million citizens.”

Von der Leyen: It’s about common solidarity

Von der Leyen also reported that she had “used all my powers of persuasion against the other 26 member countries” to convince them to deliver 100,000 doses of vaccine for Tyrol. That this was possible “shows what Europe is like”. “It’s always about showing not only the common strength, but also the common solidarity.”

Regarding Kurz and Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen’s trip to Israel, the Commission President said that the two heads of government had visited the country “to learn from a good example”. Like Denmark, Israel does not have its own production facilities for corona vaccines. “If the lesson is to build up your own production capacities, for example in Denmark or Austria, then I can support it with all my might, because that’s what we need.”

Accelerate vaccine procurement

Von der Leyen also pointed out that the vaccine administered in Israel was made in Europe. The European Union also “immediately went for the right vaccines,” she specifically named Biontech and Johnson & Johnson. However, it was underestimated that ramping up mass production “is fraught with considerable risks,” admitted the head of the Brussels EU authority. It expects production of 50 million cans in March, then doubling to an average of 100 million cans per month in the second quarter. (apa)

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Commission President Corona Pass member states turn


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