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Briefly at the video conference.

Why was the Austrian Chancellor’s camera not activated at the online summit of EU heads of government with US President Joe Biden?

Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) defended the results of the EU summit on Friday morning. He was “very optimistic” that it would be possible to create a “solidarity-based balance in Europe” and that Austria would also benefit from the distribution of the additional 10 million vaccine doses from the BioNTech / Pfizer contingent, said Kurz. “A third of the member states have spoken out in favor of a fairer distribution of vaccines,” emphasized the Chancellor.

Now the negotiating process is starting at the level of the EU ambassador, and it is clear that everyone will initially take a maximum position, said Kurz. At the end of the day, however, a compromise is needed because the EU is based on the principle of unanimity.

Kurz is “optimistic”

“As far as Austria is concerned, I am very optimistic that we will also benefit from this solution here,” said Kurz. But he did not give a number of how many cans Austria could get. Some of the most severely affected countries are in the vicinity of Austria, such as Croatia and the Czech Republic, and it would also be very negative for Austria if these countries were to fall back massively.

Comments on the net

However, another cause has generated a lot of comments on social media. Sebastian Kurz was the only head of government at the summit with Joe Biden where the camera was deactivated. Was the Austrian Chancellor hiding or was the camera simply defective? An answer to this question is still pending.

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